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Dear students

As you select subjects for 2022 that will prepare you for your future beyond Tatachilla, please remember you are the author of your own destiny. The role of your parents/caregivers and teachers is to assist you to aspire to a destiny which is full of hope. Careful choosing of your subjects will assist you to live life to the fullest now and into the ubiquitous 21st century.

The 21st century requires you to be a well-rounded and multi-skilled individual who is:

  • Spiritual and just 
  • Deeply caring of others and the planet 
  • Innovative thinkers and problem solvers 
  • Team players, collaborators and creators
  • Resilient and happy
  • Good communicators who are solution orientated
  • System thinkers
  • Confident in the real-world context
  • Able to know and record evidence of design engineering thinking
  • Confident in trial and error
  • Employable

Choosing the right subjects is as important as choosing the right friends and making the right moral decisions that identify you as a child of God. Some of you will have firm ideas about the future and others may have not yet determined your career path. Many of you will change your minds about career pathways as your studies progress.

The 2022 Curriculum Handbook is a guide only. It provides a broad range of curriculum offerings to suit the needs of all students. Please read each subject content carefully prior to selecting the subjects you wish to study. Speak to teachers and parents as well as students who have completed the course, to ensure you have a full understanding of subject content.

Once you have made your selection, College staff will meet with you and your parents to ensure the subjects you have chosen meet the requirements for successful completion of the SA Certificate of Education or SACE.

It is also essential that you confirm that the subjects chosen will qualify you for an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) which is the primary criterion for entry into most undergraduate-entry university programs in Australia. Choosing subjects involves discernment and honesty. As you move into Year 11 and 12, you need to determine if the work you have already completed, will enable you to succeed in the subjects chosen.

There are two messages here: Firstly, do not waste the time and educational opportunities in the years leading to SACE. Secondly if you have not succeeded in subjects prior to SACE then you may not be eligible to enrol in those subjects.

I reiterate that you are not alone in this subject selection process. Choose wisely and author a destiny which is beyond your wildest dreams.

Although every effort is made to satisfy student choices, not all combinations of subjects are possible. Subjects can only run where student numbers and staffing deem them viable.

Finally please note that some adjustments may be made by staff to courses.  


Noel Mifsud



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