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“Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) refers to a technology model that allows students and teachers to bring their own device to school for learning in the classroom. This is a shift in both education and in the corporate world, which recognises that choices about technology are very much personal.

BYOD acknowledges that technology in education means more than meeting specific curriculum requirements.

BYOD is designed to give students and families, freedom to make technology choices that suit individual circumstances.

BYOD Program Handbook 2021.PDF

BYOD Middle School Information 2021.PDF

BYOD Enrolment for 2022 - Booking calendar 

  • Drop-off of device is strictly on the booked Monday, between 8:00am and 4:00pm

  • Drop-offs cannot be any other day

  • Pick-up is the following Monday, between 8:00am and 4:00pm

  • Pick-ups cannot be any other day

  • Exisiting students - Early December
    New Students - Early January

    We do appreciate this takes some co-ordination however as there are literally hundreds of devices to set up, amongst all our other work throughout the school during the holidays, means this needs to be carefully managed.


How Does It Work?

All students across the College from Year 1 to Year 12 are expected to bring their own computing device to school every day. It is compulsory for students from Year 1 to Year 6 to have an iPad, and students in Years 7 - 12 a laptop.

The College has set a minimum device specification based on the suitability for student age, and use to enable learning. As students will be accessing the College network they will be required to agree to the Acceptable Use Agreement that sets out how the device can be used at Tatachilla Lutheran College. Our ICT Services department is available to answer questions and to give assistance if required.

Types of Devices

  • Junior school – Apple iPad
  • Middle school – Mac or Windows notebook
  • Senior school – Mac or Windows notebook


Reception students have access to a bank of iPads. This first year of school allows the College to establish expectations with students and assist them in familiarising themselves with how an iPad can support their learning.

Students joining the College in Year 6 are offered the opportunity to lease an iPad to avoid purchasing an iPad for this one year.

iPad Specifications

  • You are free to purchase a model of Apple iPad so long as it meets the following conditions:
  • Any iPad that supports iOS 13 (See list of supported devices here)
  • iPad mini not suitable
  • Minimum 32GB storage (128GB for Years 4-6)
  • Suitable rubberised/armoured case and screen protector

Notebook Specifications

While you are free to use a device of your choosing, the College requires the following minimum conditions to be met:

  • No tablet/hybrid style devices – such as Microsoft Surface or ASUS Transformer
  • No gaming notebooks – such as ACER Predator, ASUS ROG, or Alienware
  • 12” screen or larger, with a resolution of 1920x1080 or higher
  • Any Apple Silicon (eg M1) / minimum Intel Core i5 and minimum Ryzen 5
    • NOTE:  Strictly Intel Celeron or AMD Athlon WILL NOT be accepted to setup with the college.
  • 8GB RAM or higher
  • 128GB SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • 8 hour minimum battery life
  • 802.11ac 5Ghz wireless minimum
  • macOS Mojave/Catalina or Windows 10 Home/Pro

Specialist Subject Consideration

Students studying media, photography, and/or 3D animation should consider a more powerful computer. This still needs to comply with the above specifications, but should have:

  • 16GB instead of 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD (Solid State Drive) instead of 128GB
  • Discrete GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

Other Considerations

  • Although gaming notebooks appear to meet minimum specification, they have poor battery life (typically ~1 hour) and are quite heavy
  • Avoid recycling a device from an older sibling – usable lifespan is typically three years and they will no longer have adequate battery life or specification

Damaged, Lost, or Stolen Devices

The College does not own or warranty student devices. ICT Services staff are not capable, qualified, nor authorised to mediate, facilitate, resolve, repair, upgrade, or rebuild your hardware or operating system. If you are concerned the device is going to be broken, lost or stolen, you may wish to consider specific accidental damage insurance for the device. You can specifically list the item on your home contents insurance or you can purchase an Accidental Damage Protection plan for your device. Families are responsible for ensuring that devices are insured. Where available, the College will provide access to a device in school while a family has a device being repaired. 

Where a student has borrowed a College device (their personal device is being repaired or is left at home for example) and it is then the school device that is damaged, lost, or stolen a $500 excess charge by our insurance company will be liable to the family.

Device Upgrades

The rate of change with the advances in technology means that after three years there are significant differences to platforms which would warrant a change of device rather than a repair. Often the cost of the repair is greater than the value of the iPad or laptop. Likewise, the functionality of devices deteriorates and we have found that students become increasingly frustrated by operating speeds in their most important years of school (for example a laptop purchased in year 7 proving inadequate during Years 11 and 12) and ICT Services advise families that it would be reasonable to expect to replace technologies every three years.

As such the College advises device purchasing expectations would be:

  • Year 1 - iPad
  • Year 4 - Upgrade iPad
  • Year 7 - Laptop
  • Year 10 - Upgrade Laptop

Purchasing a Device

As a BYOD is a personal device, families are free to purchase from any vendor they wish, so long as it meets the specifications outlined here. To help with this decision, ICT Services has arranged a portal with JB-Hifi that provides a sample selection of devices that comply with the above specifications. Click the link and use the school code tatachilla2022 and click Start Shopping.

Device Setup

All BYOD devices used at the College must be enrolled so they have required software and settings. While this is simply “added” to notebooks, for iPads the process involves wiping the device so please ensure students have no personal data on it.

Devices during the year

These can be dropped off to ICT Services at anytime during the school year for immediate setup. 

Getting Started with your Device

  • Open Self-Service or Software Centre and chose any apps you require
  • Open Adobe Creative Cloud and install any Adobe apps you require (eg Photoshop)

Loan/Lease Devices

If a students device is sent off for repair, or it is forgotten/lost, ICT Services can provide a short-term loan of a College device. Reception students have access to College devices to use “in class” for their first year. Students joining the College in Year 6 are provided the option to lease a College device for this initial year.

In all cases a loan agreement is required to be pre-signed by all parents acknowledging loans are strictly short duration, daily charges apply if loans are not promptly returned, and damage to a College device incurs a $500 excess charge by the college insurance company.

ICT services can also provide other items on a strictly same day agreement:

  • Chargers - strictly to suit all Apple devices and most Windows notebooks
  • Various cables - including USB-C adapters iPods

BYOD Factory Reset Support - Please visit the ICT Support page and refer to the bottom of the page:

ICT Support

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