Extending the whole student physically, mentally and spiritually

Outdoor Education is an important part of a student’s life at Tatachilla Lutheran College and the program is designed to extend the whole student physically, mentally and spiritually.

We offer a range of camps as part of our Outdoor Education program. These camps foster social development, providing opportunities to develop self-esteem, leadership qualities, a sense of responsibility for their actions towards a peer group, as well as learning the value of group identity and cooperation through group living. Active participation and enjoyment of the natural environment is strongly encouraged, and students acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to participate in a variety of outdoor activities and environments.

By integrating school subjects through outdoor pursuits, students are given the opportunity to learn concepts not easily taught in the classroom. Based on the locations of expeditions and camps, students are provided with a first hand experience of sites of historic, geographic, Indigenous and scientific significance. Through the development of geographical and historical awareness, students can relate practical situations with those learnt in the classroom.


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