Tatachilla Mid-Year Reception Intake

Tatachilla Lutheran College believes in working with our families to provide their children with a smooth transition into school when they are ready to do so. The mid-year intake provides children with:

  • an introduction to school life, its routines, environment and Junior School community

  • the opportunity to develop socially and emotionally in readiness for the Reception year

  • develop early literacy and numeracy skills, fine and gross motor skills required for a successful transition to school.


We offer mid-year entry into the Reception programme for children who turn five between 1st May and 31st July in the year prior to being eligible to start school. Children who turn five from 1st August onwards commence Reception at the beginning of the following year. 

Children whose fifth birthday is in February, March or April of the year they are eligible to start school may also choose to postpone their child’s school start by joining the mid-year entry.

Children who start in Term 3 will spend 18 months in Reception before progressing to Year 1.

Learning Programme

At Tatachilla the mid-year Reception intake provides six terms in Reception with the aim of ensuring a gradual transition from their early childhood setting to the school environment. Our mid-year entry programme provides children with experiences in inquiry and play-based learning to investigate and explore the world around them, nurturing their ability to think creatively, build oral language skills and develop a positive attitude towards life-long learning. As well as classroom-based activities, our Reception students have specialist lessons including Japanese, The Arts and Physical Education.

The mid-year entry programme is flexible and responsive to the needs of individual families. Families may choose up to 4 days per week for their child to attend, allowing them to continue their enrolment at kindy, ELC or childcare on the days not spent at Tatachilla. 

The children will spend time with the Reception home class teachers for part of each day. They will experience personalised blocks of time with specialist teaching staff for a unique programme of holistic and kinaesthetic learning activities, including gross motor skill development and nature play.


Mid-year entry children will wear the Junior School cardinal red polo top, and their choice of skort, shorts or trousers, with the Junior School bucket hat and black shoes. Other items, such as the soft-shell jacket, jumper, rugby top and puffer vest are optional and are worn as required by the weather.

Orientation Visit

In Term 2 parents and children will be invited to spend time in the Reception Learning Centre with the Reception teachers to familiarise themselves with Junior School learning spaces. An invitation will be distributed in early Term 2.

2024 Tuition Fees

In 2024 the College will provide a mid-year Reception student intake for the third year, to accommodate demand. We are pleased to offer a competitive $500 flat fee (not subject to further discounts) for this mid-year cohort in 2024. 

Enrol now

To enrol your child into the mid-year Reception intake program please download the Registration of Interest Form.

Submit your completed form to the Enrolments Officer with a $50 registration fee per family. Please send your completed form to:

Enrolments Officer
Tatachilla Lutheran College

Post: PO Box 175, McLaren Vale, South Australia 5171

Enrolment vacancies are currently available across Reception - Year 12.

Enrolment vacancies are currently available across Reception - Year 12.

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