ICT Support

All students have on-site support for network connectivity including access to printers, Wi-Fi, files, resources and software supplied by the College. Support does not extend to games, personal software including operating system (Windows/macOS), or hardware (faults, upgrades, etc) which is the responsibility of each family.

ICT Services provide support and assistance for staff and students with the following College software and associated settings:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Google drive
  • Gmail
  • Printing
  • WiFi
  • Additional software available to you through our self-service portal (Vivi, Photoshop, etc)

How ICT Services can help you:

ICT Services will provide assistance with College software and settings, and best-effort general support of each students device. ICT Services are not capable, qualified, nor authorised to mediate, facilitate, resolve, repair, upgrade, or rebuild students individual hardware or operating system. In such cases:

  • Macs are fully supported by Apple and they can resolve issues via an online support session or through a visit to the Apple store or an Apple authorised repair agent: https://support.apple.com/en-au
  • PCs having varying levels of support depending upon manufacturer
  • A wide variety of computer shops are available that can provide troubleshooting and resolution services

How families can help us
Be as accurate as possible - telling us something ‘does not work’ gives little to work with. Please describe the circumstances of your issue(s).
Be polite and courteous - computers can be frustrating, particularly if you have a deadline to meet. However, venting anger or making accusations will not help us to help you quicker. We are here to help.

How students can help themselves - Reinstalling Operating System

If you have stored all your work in Google Drive you may consider wiping your device to a completely clean setup and then bring it to ICT Services for College software and settings to be reinstalled. Due to the BYOD Program, ICT Services cannot provide any assistance or guarantees with this:


Apple Mac


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