Offering a rigorous academic, cultural and sporting program

Our College offers a rigorous academic, cultural and sporting program from Reception to Year 12. Our aim is to provide our students with a curriculum that promotes problem solving, develops initiative, and encourages interaction with technology in its many forms. Integrated into our SACE courses, we offer university and vocational pathways, effectively catering for the learning needs and career opportunities for every student.

Tatachilla's Learning Principles

The Learning Principles give effect to the College Mission and Vision for each student and staff member. From these Learning Principles grow the programmes, practices and procedures which form the teaching and learning, wellbeing and service learning directions of the College. Learning values God-given talents which involves the spiritual, academic, physical, emotional and social development of an individual and builds wellbeing proactively.
In our work with students, we, as staff at Tatachilla Lutheran College, use strategies that reflect evidenced based, best practice. By placing the learner at the centre of our teaching and learning, we see them and listen to them, as important citizens of the future. We believe that all learners come with prior knowledge and that they can, and have the right to, learn. We understand that learning is a process that stimulates the learner’s appetite for learning and we recognise that as staff we too are learners.
Professionally, we seek to refine teaching and learning through the adoption of researched strategies and reflective practice, with an understanding that teaching is a process of shared learning. We recognise that learning is a primary purpose of the College and that all members of the College are involved in learning. All activities in the College contribute to a love of life-long learning and the development of the skills and talents of each learner.

Learning Principles

At Tatachilla Lutheran College we believe that:

  1. Learning occurs in spaces that promote collaboration, flexibility, creativity, independence curiosity and inquiry.
  2. Learning occurs through intentional and focussed time.
  3. Learning is supported by timely and specific feedback.
  4. Learning occurs when thinking critically and creatively.
  5. Learning occurs at different rates, in different ways and at an individual point of challenge.
  6. Learning through concepts promotes deep understanding, connection and transfer of knowledge and skills.
  7. Learning promotes thoughtful reflection and response.
  8. Learning occurs in a safe, secure environment where all learners are valued.
  9. Learning occurs through collaborative enterprise and individual endeavour.
  10. Learning is constructed by each individual, as learners make sense of the world.
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