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The role of a Parent Partner

Tatachilla appreciates and values the volunteer support from parents/caregivers. With this support our school is a better place and you are helping us to create an
extended family community.

At the start of each school year, we aim to enrol at least two Parent Partners per year level. 

While the Parent Partner will have an important role to play, it is more by way of enlisting support from others to strengthen and enrich our community rather than doing everything themselves.

Parent Partners - your role:

  • Be available and make yourself known and get to know the families in your class.
  • Foster a positive relationship between families and parents and teachers.
  • Provide an active role in welcoming new families to the College community.
  • Coordinate and provide support for families in crisis situations.
  • Encourage participation in College activities, friend raising or fund raising events.
  • Assist in identifying parent volunteers with talents for involvement with special class and school activities.

Meetings for all Partner Parents are held once per term for an opportunity to chat about how things are going in your role and to share any ideas.

Opportunities to support Tatachilla:

  • Mother's and Father's Day Stalls
  • Supporting families
  • Parent get togethers
  • Community events

Further information

If you are interested in representing your year level as a Parent Partner, or would like more information on volunteering at Tatachilla Lutheran College, please contact Sally Moran.

e. sally.moran@tatachilla.sa.edu.au
p. 8323 9588

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