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Facilities make a difference

Where children learn is as important to how they learn … and how well they learn.

Away from the confines of a traditional space-limited schoolyard, Tatachilla offers space for young people to grow.

The College is nestled in an impressive environment spanning 26.1 hectares.

The facilities are modern and spacious and have been architecturally designed to complement the environment and aesthetics of the area.

Excellent facilities underpin a child’s development. It has long been known that inadequate facilities can lead to poor learning outcomes, while superior grounds and facilities enhance both education and personal development.

Far from the noise and stress of city life, Tatachilla’s variety of environments and ecosystems conjure up a sense of peace that is vital for learning.

The extra space allows for a wide range of learning styles. For example, the rural aspects of the setting are ideal for students considering a trade or rural-focused careers (such as winemaking and agriculture).

Tatachilla is the custodian of this rare parcel of land. We are committed to ongoing innovation and development of the site and its facilities. 

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