Learning Enhancement in the Junior School

Foundations for learning are established through a proactive and thorough approach to assisting students achieve their full potential. The supportive learning environment at Tatachilla builds on our core values and promotes empowerment, positive interaction, confidence, choice and independence for students.

Class teachers provide a stimulating and differentiated curriculum to meet the needs of all learners. Students are further supported in a variety of ways including small group options, personalised 1:1 support or a differentiated curriculum within the context of an Individual Education Plan where appropriate. Successful programs* delivered include: Reading Tutor (1:1); MiniLit (4:1) and Pre-Lit (4:1).

Ongoing assessments of student literacy and numeracy skill development are used to assist with prioritising support for learning.  This begins with a School Entry Assessment in Reception during Term 1, followed by close monitoring of the annual summative PAT assessments in Years 1 to 6.  Support is constantly monitored and whilst some children may require ongoing support others may access short term programs before returning to a quality differentiated classroom environment.  The support which we can offer is considered in the context of changing student needs within the whole school framework.

L.A.P. Volunteers (Learning Assistance Program) work individually with students under teacher guidance. This builds self-esteem and confidence for students and people interested in becoming involved with this program are encouraged to contact, Karen Turner, the Learning Enhancement Coordinator.

*Students selected based on the changing student needs within the whole school framework.


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