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Involving parents and friends in the life of the College

One of the strengths of Tatachilla's community is the involvement of our parents in the life of the College.

Tatachilla encourages a partnership between parents and the College and we seek a commitment from families to participate in the life of the community in one or more of the following activities:

  • helping as Parent Partner 
  • becoming a L.A.P. Volunteer (Learning Assistance Program)
  • assisting at major events (Twilight Food Affair, Winemakers of Tatachilla)
  • Friends of the EcoClassroom 
  • assisting with barbeques and other fundraising activities
  • assisting with sporting activities such as the annual Swimming Carnival and Sports Day
  • assisting with the maintenance work of grounds and buildings
  • assisting with youth ministry programs
  • helping in the Library and with the College's Archives
  • supporting the College's Sporting Program
  • helping on the International Pedal Prix
  • assisting in the Performing Arts area (Drama, Musicals, Music)

Getting Involved

When parents/guardians want to contribute as a volunteer at Tatachilla they must have completed the Volunteers Training Program.

The training is a mandatory process.

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