Loan Equipment

If you send your child’s device off for repair, or it is forgotten/lost, ICT Services can provide a short-term loan of a College device. A loan agreement is required to be pre-signed by all parents acknowledging loans are strictly short duration, daily charges apply if loans are not promptly returned, and damage to a College device incurs a $500 excess charge by our insurance company.

ICT services can also provide other items on a strictly same day agreement: Chargers - strictly to suit all Apple devices and most Windows notebooks Various cables - including USB-C adapters and iPods.

Loaning While BYOD Device is Under Repair

If the unfortunate happens and there is a technical fault or damage that's rendered the laptop either unusable, it's then up the the owner or carer to send the device off for repair.

While we don't repair devices, we can offer guidance and to also provide a loan device during the time it is in service as a 2 week loan until it must be returned. Once completed, if the device does require re-enrolment then we can usually do this within the day from the morning we receive it to the end of the school day.

We can also provide loan laptop chargers if their laptop runs flat, however, it's the student's responsibility to make sure the device is charged and they also bring their charger in case it does go flat. Loan laptop chargers are a same day loan only and MUST be returned by the end of the school day so we have as many as possible available for students.

Options for leasing an iPad for the year is available too via Student Services.



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