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Nurturing wellbeing in our community

Tatachilla is committed to nurturing wellbeing in our community. The role of the Wellbeing Team across R-12 is to encourage and teach proactive practices that help our young people to:

  • experience positive emotions
  • engage with others
  • develop strong relationships
  • develop meaning and appreciation in their lives.

We want to help individuals to flourish during the fantastic times in their lives. We also want them to build resilience so they can respond appropriately and healthily when things don’t go so well.

Lutheran schools have always been focused on the education of the whole child, and helping students develop their social, emotional and spiritual selves alongside striving for academic success. However, in recent years a number of social factors have impacted on the wellbeing and the mental health of our young people. The world is becoming increasingly complex and we now need to be intentional about the ways in which we equip students for their complex lives.

In the Junior School we aim to develop students with sound personal and social capabilities.  We want students to have a firm grasp of self and social awareness, along with self and social management. All class teachers implement the Bounce Back Program to develop social and emotional skills within students.  We use the language of the Core Values of Bounce Back in our everyday discussions, and endeavour to embed appropriate, helpful life strategies within the students.  Other curriculum areas and a strong culture of supportive pastoral care practices are complimented by Bounce Back.

In the Middle and Senior Schools we help students navigate the complex territory of adolescence and emerging adulthood. The Student Planners have a wellbeing focus, and classroom teachers, Home Class teachers and Year Level Coordinators use some of the activities and resources to develop within students a ‘Wellbeing Bank’ of tools, strategies and language from which they can draw upon when things are challenging.

Crucial to building wellbeing is the partnership between school and home. We are keen to work with parents to develop communication around issues of concern, and encourage you to contact your child’s class teacher, Year Level Coordinator or Assistant Heads of Schools if you have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing. Our College Counsellors are also available for specific concerns about mental health and social and emotional wellbeing, and our College Pastor and Youth Worker also can provide social, emotional and spiritual guidance.

Life is full of ups and downs. If the seas were always calm, we would never build a better boat. Our aim is to help your son or daughter to build a ‘boat’ that will weather life’s storms and move into plain sailing.

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