Senior School Curriculum

Tatachilla Lutheran College offers an inspiring and innovative Senior School experience that engages all aspects of a student’s life and interests. Academically, we focus on student pathways that lead to a variety of different opportunities for the future, and actively encourage the use of I.T. resources in the classroom to keep our teaching inspiring and engaging. While the majority of our students go on to university using a Year 12 ATAR (Australian Tertiary Attainment Rank), we also cater for the growing need for opportunities beyond this, and can offer courses which link to TAFE, Vocational Education programs or apprenticeship opportunities that build into great qualifications and future careers.

Success at Tatachilla means enabling your child to uncover and pursue their own gifts and potential, equipping them with the means to fulfil their dreams. The pursuit of excellence is central to the idea of success. Students are encouraged to do their very best and increasingly take responsibility for their own goals and achievements as personal milestones on a life journey, continuing well beyond their school years.

Year 10

Year 10 is the first year of Senior School and during this year students study a mix of core and elective subjects. This is also the year students study their first compulsory SACE subject: the 10 credit (one semester) Personal Learning Plan, in which they reflect on their personal and career goals and explore possible pathways through Senior School and beyond. Many students are gaining part-time jobs during this year, and we support and extend their on-the-job learning through our Work Experience program and other activities such as Mock Interviews and Australian Business Week. The Year 10 Camp program offers a diverse, challenging and enjoyable range of camp experiences.

Year 11 (Stage 1)

Year 11 is also referred to as Stage 1 of the SACE. We are pleased to offer students a broad range of subjects to study. As well as compulsory subjects, students can engage in numerous electives, through which they explore their areas of strength and make decisions regarding their future pathway. During Year 11, students also have the opportunity to hear from a range of guest speakers. We invite an educational psychologist to deliver important information regarding study skills and the work / life balance, and students also engage with the RAA Street Smart program, which encourages responsible behaviour around driving and looking after your peers.

Year 12 (Stage 2)

Year 12 is the final year of study and marks the end of our students’ educational journey with us. It is a significant year of study, with many of our students working towards gaining an ATAR and university admission. We also have a number of students who follow the TAFE pathway. During Year 12 (Stage 2) students generally undertake 4 full-year subjects plus the Research Project (a one semester, 10 credit compulsory subject). CRAVE lessons are delivered as a series of seminars, in an adult-learning environment. Highlights of the year include the Year 12 Retreat held in Term 1, the Formal and Valedictory – all milestones in this important year.