Working & Learning Remotely

What if I need remote ICT help, can ICT still support me?

Yes absolutely. The ICT Services team are still working as normal and are ready and able to assist. We have made a great selection of support articles for many different topics, just scroll down from here to find them.

If your need isn't resolved by our articles or its a little complex, send us an email to as you normally would and one of the team will respond back as quickly as we can.

If its critically urgent please give us a call on 08 8329 4466 as you normally would to speak with one of the team who will be more than happy to assist.

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Can I Still Borrow Devices From ICT Services?

No, if the College has closed due to disaster or pandemic you are not permitted to be on-campus under any circumstances.

In the case that you require devices other than your primary laptop/charger, you will need to purchase or lease your own devices, chargers, cables etc.

Can I Get School Apps/Software Remotely?

Yes, both Self Service (MacOS Devices / iPad's) and Software Centre (Windows Devices) will still work when away from the College so long as you have an Internet Connection. Core and Critical apps that are required will automatically be installed to your device.

How Do I Print From Home Or Away From Campus?

When working from home or away from campus, the Print-Anywhere Queue will not be available to print to. Therefore please ensure that you are using your Home/Personal Printer rather than the Print-Anywhere queue that is required to print to here on campus.

Follow the below steps to set your home/personal printer as default when working from home.

  • From the desktop of your MacOS device, click on the 'Apple' logo, then click on 'System Preferences'.
  • In the System Preferences window, locate and click on 'Printers & Scanners'.
  • Locate your home/personal printer from the list of installed printers on your MacOS device. (Note: You may need to install your home/personal printer if it is not listed).
  • Once you have found your home/personal printer, right-click on it and select 'Set Default Printer'.
  • Your home/personal printer will now be automatically selected when you print from your MacOS device.
  • From the desktop of your Windows device, click on the Start Menu icon, and type in 'Control Panel'.
  • The Control Panel search result will populate at the top of the Start Menu. Click on it to open the Control Panel.
  • In the Control Panel, locate the option labelled as 'Hardware and Sound'.
  • In the Hardware and Sound menu, click on 'Devices and Printers'.
  • In the Devices and Printers menu, under 'Printers', locate your home/personal printer. (Note: You may need to install your home/personal printer if it is not listed).
  • Once you have found your home/personal printer, right-click on it and select the 'Set as Default Printer' option.
  • Your home/personal printer will now be automatically selected when you print from your Windows device.

Can I Access My Documents Remotely?

Yes, your Google Drive is Web-Based and accessible from any Device that you use with an Internet connection and capable web-browser. Please navigate to and sign in with your College details when prompted.

Can I Watch ClickView Remotely?

Yes, ClickView can be accessed through your SEQTA homepage for both Staff and Students. Ensure you sign in with your College details when prompted.

My camera and microphone are not working in Google Meet?

  1. In Google Chrome click the Menu icon (3 dots in top right corner)
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Privacy and security in the left hand menu
  4. Click Site settings
  5. Click Camera -> Ensure that the Toggle is blue for "Ask before accessing (recommended)"
  6. Click Privacy and security in the left hand menu
  7. Click Microphone -> Ensure that the Toggle is blue for "Ask before accessing (recommended)"

If either of these show in the Block category, click the trash can next to it to remove.

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Where can I get help with using SeeSaw?

SeeSaw has a great selection of articles already available for accessing by staff, students and parents. They can be found here at SeeSaw Support

If either of these show in the Block category, click the trash can next to it to remove.

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How do I update SeeSaw??

  1. Unsure that the application is closed fully
    1. Double press the home button
    2. Hold the see saw app and swipe up to force close
  2. Open Self Serve
  3. Click Install next to SeeSaw
  4. Press the home button once to return to apps home screen
  5. SeeSaw should now appear to be installing, loading etc
  6. Once complete use the QR code you were provided to sign in if required

Self Serve will say it's been done before the application is actually ready to open, the app make take a minute or two to install before use.

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General Assistance & FAQ

How Do I Repair My Device?

As BYOD devices are purchased external to the college they come with a warranty and manufacturer guarantee bound to them. If you encounter a fault with your device we recommend getting in touch directly with the manufacturer for the fastest response, rather than talking to the place you bought it from as this can delay the repair. 

While the device is away the college can prepare a loan device to ensure schoolwork and homework are not interrupted. These devices are for 2 weeks but can be extended if the repair is taking some time to complete - simply drop into the ICT helpdesk with the loan unit and we can perform a quick check and then extend the loan. 

Requesting Access To Blocked Websites

We are able to unblock websites that show a message advising the website is blocked. All requests need to be sent from a member of staff to with the website URL being access, the year levels JS, MS or SS that it to be unblocked for and a timeframe. Most websites are simple to do, however there may be some with different content that may cause it to be blocked by several rules and may need some additional work.

Using Social Media, iMessage, And Similar Services

These platforms are not available on the college network

Phishing Emails

Phishing emails are emails designed to capture your information by appearing real, when in fact they are not. There are thousands of different types but generally they ask you to do something like click a link, open an attachment, update your details or act urgently due to something happening. Here are some good rules of thumb to follow:

Too Good To Be True - Lucrative offers and eye-catching or attention-grabbing statements are designed to attract people’s attention immediately. For instance, many claim that you have won an iPhone, a lottery, or some other lavish prize. Just don't click on any suspicious emails. Remember that if it seems to good to be true, it probably is!
Sense of Urgency - A favorite tactic amongst cybercriminals is to ask you to act fast because the super deals are only for a limited time. Some of them will even tell you that you have only a few minutes to respond. When you come across these kinds of emails, it's best to just ignore them. Sometimes, they will tell you that your account will be suspended unless you update your personal details immediately. Most reliable organizations give ample time before they terminate an account and they never ask patrons to update personal details over the Internet. When in doubt, visit the source directly rather than clicking a link in an email.
Hyperlinks - A link may not be all it appears to be. Hovering over a link shows you the actual URL where you will be directed upon clicking on it. It could be completely different or it could be a popular website with a misspelling, for instance - the 'm' is actually an 'r' and an 'n', so look carefully.
Attachments - If you see an attachment in an email you weren't expecting or that doesn't make sense, don't open it! They often contain payloads like ransomware or other viruses. The only file type that is always safe to click on is a .txt file.
Unusual Sender - Whether it looks like it's from someone you don't know or someone you do know, if anything seems out of the ordinary, unexpected, out of character or just suspicious in general don't click on it!

How Do I Check The Warranty On My Apple Device?

You can check the status of your Apple warranty and/or Apple Care using this tool provided by Apple: Warranty Checker

For further support we recommend reaching out to Apple through the Apple Support system which you can find here

How Often Should I Restart My Device?

It is recommended to restart your device regularly. Sleep technology and power saving on laptops has come a long way in the past few years. However a restart of your laptop cleans the slate, clears out any potential problems and ensures that your device is ready to go anytime. A significant number of issues can be prevented by a simple restart each day.

A good practise that users can employ is that at the end of the day, save your work and shut your device down. When you start again in the morning turn it back on and it will be in the best state for you to begin your day.

iPads don't need a restart as often as laptops do, however a restart can resolve any issues you may with apps crashing or the device slowing down. See here on how to restart.


How Do I Find Videos In ClickView?

ClickView is a great source of media and content relevant to every teachable topic.
The College maintains its own library of content as requested by staff or needed for courses.
The College also has the ability to view 'ClickView Exchange' which shows accessible content from other sites ClickView libraries.

  • Go to the SEQTA homepage.
  • Select ClickView Online.
  • Sign in with your College credentials.
  • Search for your content.
  • When the search results load click on 'Exchange' as the library to search.
  • *** 'All Libraries' only searches the College libraries. ***
  • The searched up content will then load.

Google Drive

How Do I Organise My Files?

When saving your files, simple is always better. We recommend separating each year into its own folder such as 2019, 2020 etc and then each subject in that year into its own folder like Maths, English or Drama. Each document you make should also be named according to the assignment, such as 12English_Shrek_criticalreview.docx

This will help you not only navigate to where you need quickly and without guessing but will also mean if you need to search for a 12 English document it will appear easily.

How Do I Share My Files?

To share a file or folder from My Drive:

  • In Google Chrome, go to Google Drive
  • Right Click the file/folder you want to share.
  • Click Share
  • Under "People," enter the email address you want to share with.
  • To choose what someone can do with your file, click the Down arrow.
  • If you don’t want to send an email to people, click Advanced and uncheck the Notify people box. If you notify people, each email address you enter will be included in the email for others to see.
  • Click Send

Please note that Shared Drives are not able to be shared this way - this will only work for My Drive sharing. ICT Services administers the sharing on the Shared Drives. 

How Do I Find A File Someone Shared With Me?

  • Open and login to Google drive through SEQTA
  • On the left hand menu click 'Shared With Me'
  • You will get a list of all documents you have been given rights to

If you want to quickly find this again and is something you need regularly you can star the item as important.

  • Right click the document
  • Add to Starred

You now access starred files by click Starred in the left hand menu at any time

If it still doesn't open at this stage call ICT Services on 1111, email us on or drop in and see us in the library.


An Explanation About iPad Restrictions

  • All iPads that are to be used at the College are required to go through a setup process whereby they are erased and prepared with a customised Tatachilla environment with security and settings all preconfigured.
  • ICT Services are unable to complete this process if there is an AppleID already signed in to the iPad. Therefor, any signed in AppleID's will require removal from the iPad before ICT Services can perform the setup process.
  • Please note, when iPad's are processed for use at the College, all existing data on the iPad (games, apps, settings, photos and videos etc.) will be removed.
  • It is recommended that any important data on the iPad's be backed up first, before the iPad is brought in to ICT Services for setting up.
  • This setup process enables ICT Services to deploy apps and settings as required by Teachers quickly and easily.
  • The setup process also enforces settings for a students age level which prevents the installation of games/apps that are rated above their year group.
  • Please note, that the setup process still allows parents and families to use their personal AppleID's to make purchases from both iTunes and the App Store.
    However, keep in mind that age restrictions still apply, based on the College security settings mentioned above.

Hard Resetting / Rebooting An iPad

If your iPad is not charging, apps are freezing up, the sound doesn't work or the iPad itself is just not responding how it should, we suggest performing a hard restart of the device.

To do this, please follow the steps below.

  • With the iPad powered on, hold down both the home button and the top power button until the iPad screen turns off.
  • After a few moments, the iPad will then restart.
  • Please note, the iPad may take a little longer to power on after hard restarting, this is normal.
  • Once the iPad has restarted, you will find that the above issues should be resolved.

How Do I Sign Into The App Store?

  • On the iPad, open the Settings app.
  • From the left-hand menu, scroll down until you find the iTunes And App Store section.
  • By default this section will be signed in to the Students Tatachilla AppleID, you are able to sign out of this AppleID by tapping on it and tapping Sign Out.
  • You can then sign in with your own AppleID by tapping on Sign In and entering your AppleID details.
  • It is recommended to password protect all AppStore purchases, while the iPad is signed in with your AppleID. This prevents accidental purchases via iTunes or the App Store.

Sound Not Working In Some iPad Apps?

Sometimes when iPad settings are changed, you may find that sound stops working on some or all installed apps. This is an iPad settings issue that can be quickly fixed.

  • On the iPad, open the Settings app.
  • In the Settings app, select General.
  • Under General, scroll down the right-hand menu to the section labelled as Reset.
  • Select the top option, which is 'Reset All Settings'. (Be careful not to select 'Erase All Content And Settings).
  • A notification will appear, asking to confirm the reset, tap on Confirm.
  • The iPad will then restart, and all sound, apps, screen timeout, brightness, icon layout etc. will be back to default settings.

How Do I Update My iPad?

Note: This is provided as information only and ICT Services takes no responsibility for loss of data due to failed updates. We recommend all data be backed up or stored on Google Drive before attempting any updates.

*** Please ensure that the iPad has more than 50% battery power before starting the update. ***

  • On the iPad, open the Settings app.
  • In the Settings app, select General.
  • From the right-hand menu, select Software Update.
  • If an update needs installing it will give you the install update option.

How Do I Enable Dictation?

Apple devices have a dictation function so you can speak and it types what you say. Follow the below steps to turn on this feature:

  • On the iPad, open the Settings app.
  • In the Settings app, navigate to and select Accessibility.
  • Under Accessibility, select Keyboard.
  • Under Keyboard, enable the Dictation option.

How Do I Enable Screen Time?

  • On the iPad, open the Settings app.

  • From the right-hand menu, navigate to the section labelled as Screen Time.

  • Tap on the option labelled as 'Turn On Screen Time'.

  • When you see the introductory screen asking whether this is your iPad or your child's iPad, select 'This Is My Child's iPad.

From here, you can choose to set Downtime, which is a set period of time in which your child will be allowed or disallowed from using the iPad.
Or App Limits, which will restrict certain app categories. At setup, you can also choose Content and Privacy settings, which are further explained below.
If you want to change Downtime and App Limits selections for your child, you will be able to do so at any time by going to the Settings app and selecting Screen Time on the child's device.
A child's Screen Time settings are also accessible on the parent's device for making changes remotely, this is made available by tapping on a child's name in the Screen Time section of the Settings app, listed under the parent's own Screen Time usage.
All of your App Limits, Downtime, and Content Restrictions are protected via a passcode that must be entered to grant more usage time to children when limits have been reached. This also prevents children from changing their own Screen Time settings.

How I Update Apps We Use In The Classroom?

  • On the iPad, open Self Serve
  • Login with college details. Example: jsmit01, JohnSmit11

  • Find the App you want to update
  • Click Reinstall (this just installs the new version over the top)
    • It may take a little while to do this, if nothing happens, turn the iPad off and then try again after turning back on. 

Self Serve apps won't install to my iPad?

There are several reasons why apps may not download to a device. Here are some troubleshooting steps:

  • On the iPad, open Self Serve
  • Login with college details. Example: jsmit01, JohnSmit11

  • Find the App you want to update
  • Click Reinstall (this just installs the new version over the top)
    • It may take a little while to do this, if nothing happens, turn the iPad off and then try again after turning back on. 
  • Restart the device
    • Hold the home button and the top power button simultaneously till the device turns off - then let go
    • Press top power button once to power back up
  • Check for new app installs
    • Most students have apps in all different folders, the app may already be there but hidden away
    • To set this back to default: Settings -> General -> Reset Home Screen Layout
    • Check for the application

If I have left the college, how do I remove Tatachilla software from my iPad?

On enrolment at the college the devices are preloaded with all the software the students need, it also places a message under the settings area of the device advising the device is managed by Tatachilla Lutheran College. This ensures that every device we enrol is in the exactly the state and has the same settings. The ICT Team can remove the enrolment from the device, meaning all the college apps are removed and the college won't be able to control or see the device is any way. The message however advising that the device is managed will remain until the device is factory reset. Apple have instructions on how you can reset the device here


Parents: How Do I Sign In To SEQTA?


  • Open your web browser application.
  • Navigate to
  • Enter the e-mail address you received from your welcome e-mail as the username and the password you manually set the first time you signed in, or in your SEQTA password recovery e-mail.

Engage App

  • Download the application called 'SEQTA Engage' from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).
  • Once installed, open the SEQTA Engage application and select 'Manual Setup'.
  • Enter the SEQTA Engage URL address as:
  • Enter the e-mail address you received from your welcome e-mail as the username and the password you manually set the first time you signed in, or in your SEQTA password recovery e-mail.

Parents: I Have Forgotten My SEQTA Password

  • Parents can request a password recovery email or a new welcome email by emailing and or calling 08 8329 4466 and speaking to a member of the ICT Services Team.


Parents: How Do I Make A Parent/Teacher Interview Booking?

Follow the below steps to make a new booking

  • Access this link to make your booking.
  • Enter your email address you use with Tatachilla correspondence and click next.
  • You may be asked to confirm if you want to make an account or not, select the relevant option or click skip.
  • Enter your information for the booking (Students added in next step), including mobile number so we can contact you if required and click next.
  • Click Add a student and enter your Childs information and year level.
  • Select the teacher and the time slot required to make your booking.
  • Ensure that you confirm your booking before closing.
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