Why Code Camp?

We’re Australia’s leading authority on kids’ coding education. It’s our mission to teach 200,000 kids to code by 2020 and we do so primarily through our exciting holiday camp experiences. Now we’re sharing our knowledge with passionate teachers to help them deliver engaging STEM programs in their classrooms.

Your kids will design, code and create their very own computer game!

Welcome to Spark, our most popular Code Camp that is loved by 80,000 kids and counting! Over 3 days, your 7-12 year old will embrace their creative spark as they design and code their very own computer games.  

New friends
Boys and girls
Problem solve
Downloadable app
Continue at home!

Where your child becomes the creator

Your child will design an engaging platformer game (similar to Mario Bros.), and then bring it to life with intuitive, yet
powerful, drag and drop code. Learning the fundamentals of coding gives children the confidence and knowledge to be in control with technology – not just as a passive consumer, but as a creator, problem solver, and digital storyteller.

PS: Your child's game will be downloadable onto all devices, and shareable with family and friends around the world!
PPS: Your child will be able to continue coding at home - with no additional cost!

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