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Year 9 Advanced Athlete Development Program

Course Overview

This elective subject will extend and support students in their chosen sporting pursuits and is targeted at those students who are playing/competing at a state or a national level in their chosen sport. Topics that will be studied in the full year subject will include: coaching and officiating, strength and conditioning, nutrition, sports injury and rehabilitation, training principles and methods, practical sports - transferable skills, and sports psychology. Students will also be given an individual athlete plan and develop goal setting skills. If students are taking the full year option, at the end of the year all students should have completed a sideline help and sports injury and taping course, provided by SASMA, will have an individual strength and conditioning program designed specifically to enhance their individual sports pathway, and will attain an Introductory Level Coaching certificate in their chosen sport. There will also be an option of completing an officiating course.

All students are eligible to apply, but first priority will go to students competing at an elite level. Students will be selected through an application and invitation process. It may be selected as either a one or two semester subject, but if it is chosen as a single semester it must be chosen in Semester 1.

Please note that this course is being introduced in 2020.


Application Process

For further information about the course and the application process, please read the course description within our Online Curriculum Guide.

Further Information

Key Teacher: Mr Ben Woodhouse
Email: ben.woodhouse@tatachilla.sa.edu.au

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