Learning Enhancement in the Middle School

In the Middle School (Years 7-9) students have the opportunity to experience a range of subjects before they hone their interests in Senior School. Subject teachers provide a differentiated curriculum and teaching strategies to accommodate the diverse learning styles and needs of our students. 

Options include:

  • Middle School Learning Enhancement staff provide in-class support, tailored to the individual needs of identified students.
  • Additional program options, including Literacy Works and Maths Pathways, are available to those students who will benefit from further support and consolidation of key principles.
  • Extra ‘tutoring’ support is available in some subject areas, either at lunchtime or after school and is provided by subject-specialist teachers. Support is tailored to individual students’ needs; where appropriate, environmental and instructional adjustments are documented in an Individual Education Plan, in consultation with parent/guardians.  

Student success is monitored regularly, to review the changing needs of students and adjust support as necessary. This is a shared activity between families and classroom teachers.

Annual Progressive Achievement Tests are continued on from Junior School and are administered to all students in Middle School.

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