Learning Enhancement in the Middle School

In the Middle School (Years 7-9) students have the opportunity to experience a range of subjects before they hone their interests in Senior School. Subject teachers provide a differentiated curriculum and teaching strategies to accommodate the diverse learning styles and needs of our students. 

Middle School Learning Enhancement staff provide in-class support, tailored to the individual needs of identified students. Additional program options, including Literacy Works and Maths Pathways, are available to those students who will benefit from further support and consolidation of key principles. Extra ‘tutoring’ support is available in some subject areas, either at lunchtime or after school and is provided by subject-specialist teachers. Support is tailored to individual students’ needs; where appropriate, environmental and instructional adjustments are documented in an Individual Education Plan, in consultation with parent/guardians.  

Student success is monitored regularly, in conjunction with families and classroom teachers, to review the changing needs of students, in order to adjust support as necessary. Annual Progressive Achievement Tests are continued on from Junior School and are administered to all students in Middle School.

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