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Welcome to the Senior School

Here at Tatachilla Lutheran College, we are privileged to travel the 3-year Senior School journey with over 300 young people who have individual talents, strengths, passions and goals. No one young person is exactly alike to any other – and we embrace the individual characteristics of our students and their individual SACE pathways to acknowledge this. We embrace the individual characteristics of our learners so they can become the best adults that they can be.

We understand the importance of personal excellence and the competitive nature of the world of university placements; vocational pathways and the world of work. So, we work together with students to plan personalised pathways that are tailored to suit the individual.

If a student requires a very high ATAR to apply for a competitive course, we will guide and support that journey. However, we have the student at the forefront of our decision making and the preparation for the university pathway that they will undertake. So, we plan with students for their long-term success – not just the short.

If a student is keen to pursue an apprenticeship, we will guide and support that journey. However, we consider what a student will need to sustain the requirements of working on the job while studying and growing into an independent adult. It’s not just about securing the position, it’s also about the skills to maintain and flourish in the role.

No matter what your first pathway is beyond school – we are here to listen; to work with you and support you to secure it. You are way more than just a number at Tatachilla Lutheran College and whatever your pathway, we are here to walk it with you.

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