Mr Noel Mifsud joins the Tatachilla community

My first impressions of Tatachilla Lutheran College are incongruous with the worry and fear of the COVID-19 global pandemic. I have been filled with great joy to be warmly welcomed into a vibrant, happy and educationally rigorous College community.

During my tour of the EcoClassroom last semester, staff and students proudly explained the rationale behind their outdoor classroom. Students generously shared stories of their contribution to the EcoClassroom projects as well as their dreams for life beyond school. I could not help but be uplifted by the exuberance and pride of students in their College community.

I see the same pride in the parents I meet in the drop off zones, staff and students I visit and in interactions with Council and community members. A positive and thriving College does not happen by accident. I acknowledge the outstanding contribution of former Principal Mr Cain McDonald; members of staff; Council and the College community who led the College in the first semester with love and courage.

Your children, our students, remain our raison d’être (our reason for being.) Listening to student voice is essential, if we are to be authentic in our search for new horizons.

In Term 3 we welcome the following new members to our community:

New Students:

  • Year 4: Meeka Wind-Martin
  • Year 7: Max Wind-Martin
  • Year 7: Fletcher Raymond
  • Year 9: Ethan Wind-Martin
  • Year 9: Joshua Robbertsen
  • Year 10: Cara Frost-Krieg
  • Year 10: Sheanna Howell

New Staff/Council:

  • Mrs Rosalie Eckert who was appointed to the College Board at the June AGM.
  • Mr Josh Chenda and Mrs Miriam Carter (Design and Digital Technology teachers),
  • Kirraley Stevens from University of Adelaide.
  • Mrs Chris Majoros who returns from Long Service Leave.

I will be meeting with both our new staff and students this term and student leaders from R-12. My aim is to listen to their concerns, hopes and aspirations for 2020 and beyond.

Last week, Pastor Jon Goessling led staff on a reflection of how God’s love strengthens us in time of need. In building community, we enrich the lives of others, discover self-worth, commit to excellence and give in love and service to others. My prayer for the community is that through an authentic Lutheran education we will discover the deep and unconditional love of Christ.

My challenge for the community is to strive for excellence. I ask all parents to work with College staff to ensure your child attends school on time, in correct uniform, with neat original colour hair. I will provide more details on my expectations in the weeks to come.

During the term break, Mr Cain McDonald and I met with local MP Mr Leon Bignell and Ms Jazz Ellis to discuss the proposed Tatachilla shared bicycle pathway project. If approved the project will provide a safe pathway for students to access the College and community members to travel along Tatachilla Road.

This term we will see the gradual resumption of face to face assemblies, Chapel, local excursions, sports and other activities, whilst we will continue to practice safe COVID-19 precautions. I am confident our students and staff will find reassurance in returning to the ‘normality’ of school life. Let us dance into Semester 2 with hope and love knowing that our creator God will strengthen and help us.

Mr Noel Mifsud


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