Coronavirus (COVID-19) News

This page will provide the most up-to-date and current information relating to College plans in response to the Coronavirus (known as ‘Covid-19’).

Please visit this site to stay up-to-date with news from the College. This page should be used as a truth source for any matters relating directly to the operations of the College.

The latest information from Government sources relating to schools can be accessed here:

If you have any questions relating to Covid-19 these should be directed to the Principal via the College on 8323 9588 or via the Executive Assistant (EA) to the Principal at narelle.mistiades@tatachilla.sa.edu.au . Due to an increase in communication, priority will be given to contact through the EA to the Principal. Queries sent to private social media sites, such as Facebook, relating to Covid-19 and College operations will be responded to, but may take longer than usual.

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UPDATE: Friday 26 June 2020

This is the final weekly update expected for COVID-19. Should there be a need for further communication then this will be sent as it arises, rather than the weekly summary that has been provided throughout this term. As the majority of activities for schools in South Australia have returned to normal routines, apart from international camps and physical distancing for adults, the need for ongoing communication has now reduced. We thank you for taking the time throughout the term to stay abreast of the ever-changing guidelines and hope these communications have been useful.

This final update provides a reminder about the easing of restrictions from next Monday. Schools have also been provided with more specific guidance about the operation of school camps and dormitory accommodation. Where required, our staff will communicate this information in the second half of the school year for any impact on camps.

Easing of Restrictions

From this coming Monday, 29th June (Week 10, Term 2), the following activities recommence at the College:

  • Parents/Caregivers, volunteers and service providers may again enter the College grounds and classrooms as per normal practice, while still maintaining a social distance of 1.5 metres.
  • Parent volunteers as well as any service providers attending the College besides dropping off/picking up students, need to follow usual sign-in procedures and make declarations in respect to their health. Adults should not come onto College grounds if they are unwell.
  • School Assemblies and Chapels – year level, sub-school and whole school.
  • School photos – class, team and individual.
  • All camps and excursions within South Australia.
  • All sport competitions, including interschool sport, sports days and carnivals.
  • All performing arts events, including interschool performances.
  • Socials/Discos/Formals.
  • Larger face to face professional learning activities.
  • No cap on the number of people in a room, but physical distancing should still occur between adults, which is now no more than 1 adult per 2-square metres in an enclosed space.

From the commencement of Term 3 (Monday 20th July)

  • Interstate Camps can resume in accordance with any broader border restrictions still in place and any current advice from SA Health. For interstate camps, the following must be adhered to:
  • staff and students should not attend if they are unwell (even mildly unwell).
  • risk plans will be in place to isolate anyone who shows symptoms of COVID-19.
  • travel advice will be strictly followed and planning will take into consideration the volatile nature of border restrictions and transport availability during the pandemic.

Restrictions Still in Place

The following restrictions are still in place for the College:

  • Students, staff, parents and volunteers should stay home if unwell and not enter College grounds – all members unwell are still encouraged to have a COVID-19 test and only return when symptoms have cleared and a negative test result confirmed
  • Physical restrictions between adults are still in place including 1.5m physical distancing and 1 adult per 2-square metres when in an enclosed space
  • Parents/caregivers must continue to physically distance, including at drop off/pick up
  • Non-physical greetings are encouraged
  • School visits to nursing homes are not permitted
  • The general public should not be on the school grounds unless for a specific event/booking/hiring of the premises
  • Overseas travel remains on hold

As we have seen in Victoria and New South Wales over the past fortnight, where a confirmed case of COVID-19 is a member of the school community, the school has been closed for contract tracing and deep cleaning to occur. While not anticipated, this same procedure remains in South Australia for such a circumstance.

As next week is the last week of term, an email will not be sent next Friday as aspects may change in the following fortnight of school holidays. If required, further updates will be shared at the commencement of Term 3.

We thank you for your cooperation with adhering to the guidelines and our requests throughout the past 4 months of this pandemic. With the amount of information in the public arena, we have endeavoured through these communications to keep you informed of the latest advice and provide clarity for the impact on our school community. The information will remain on our website should you wish to refer back to any previous communications.

Thank you for your support, encouragement and positive affirmation as we have all navigated this space together.

UPDATE: Thursday 18 June 2020

This week’s COVID-19 update is provided today due to the Student Free Day tomorrow, Friday 19th June. Please note the College will be closed tomorrow.

This update is probably the most significant we have had for schools in the mast month. Important easing of restrictions have been announced. Please familiarise yourself with these changes.

Easing of Restrictions

From Monday 29th June (Week 10, Term 2), the following activities will recommence at the College:

  • Parents/Caregivers, volunteers and service providers may again enter the College grounds and classrooms as per normal practice, while still maintaining a social distance of 1.5 metres. Parent volunteers as well as any service providers attending the College besides dropping off/picking up students, need to follow usual sign-in procedures and make declarations in respect to their health. Adults should not come onto College grounds if they are unwell.
  • School Assemblies and Chapels – year level, sub-school and whole school
  • School photos – class, team and individual
  • All camps and excursions within South Australia
  • All sport competitions, including interschool sport, sports days and carnivals
  • All performing arts events, including interschool performances
  • Socials/Discos/Formals

Restrictions Still in Place

The following restrictions are still in place for the College:

  • Students, staff, parents and volunteers should stay home if unwell and not enter College grounds – all members unwell are still encouraged to have a COVID-19 test and only return when symptoms have cleared and a negative test result confirmed
  • Physical restrictions between adults are still in place including 1.5m physical distancing and one adult per 4 square metres when in enclosed spaces
  • Parents/caregivers must continue to physical distance, including at drop off/pick up – please follow staff instructions if they bring to your attention your physical distancing and the associated requirements
  • Non-physical greetings are encouraged
  • School visits to nursing homes are not permitted
  • The general public should not be on the school grounds unless for a specific event/booking/hiring of the premises
  • Interstate and overseas travel remains on hold – a review of interstate camps for schools is currently underway

The easing of restrictions is welcome news for our schools, as we are built on community. Being able to gather together, support each other and communicate face to face is, and will always be, an important part of our College community. We look forward to gathering together as community again, and for our students to be able to participate again in many of the activities that bring them enrichment.

The College is still encouraging of individuals to download the COVIDSafe App. If you have not, it is encouraged that you consider this as a measure of efficiency for contract tracing in the event of a confirmed case.

Please note, that the procedures for school closure still remain in place in the event of any confirmed case within the College. While the State is largely COVID free, this has not removed the planning and preparation in place that should their be a confirmed case, the College would still be required to close to allow for a deep clean and only reopen after clearance from SA Health. While we don’t expect we will be in this position, it is important you are aware that schools are still expected to undertake these processes if this was to occur.

These announcements are encouraging for the progression of our schools back to operating our full suite of programs, activities and events. We look forward to the full effect of these coming in to play in Term 3, when we can schedule events and share these with the community.


UPDATE: Friday 12 June 2020

With only three weeks left in our term, there are still some restrictions and changes yet to occur in relation to COVID-19, some of which we expect will happen prior to the end of Term 2, some of which will still be amended into Term 3.

National Cabinet Meeting

Today the National Cabinet met and made a series of announcements. Most significant was the removal of the limit of 100 people gathering in a space, in preference of one person per four square metres. This immediately raises the question of whether activities like Year Level, Sub-School and Whole School Assemblies and Chapels, Information Nights and Community Events can reoccur. Our leadership team will meet next week to discuss these matters and the capacity limitations of spaces around the College. At this stage these activities will not occur next week.

Interstate Travel

National Cabinet has also announced changes to interstate travel from 20th July. This date falls at the start of Term 3 for our school. We would therefore caution at this point, families intending on travelling over the school holidays to ensure you check the detail surrounding the easing of these restrictions as to whether self isolation will still be required if travelling prior to this date/on this day. Over the coming days further clarity will be provided in respect to this announcement.

Years 7-12 Subject Selection 2020 into 2021

Due to COVID-19, our usual face-to-face Subject Information Evening, has moved to an online format for 2020. As previously communicated, interactive, online sessions for students currently in Years 8-11  will take place on the evening of Monday 29th June. Please see the College App or Facebook page for further details. Students will commence the process of exploring their passions and emerging pathways through this process and into term 3 as they select their subjects for 2021.

College Tours

The first of our smaller and restricted College Tour was held this morning with great success. We have another scheduled for next Tuesday morning which is currently booked out. Should you know of families interested in attending the College and wanting to attend a Tour, please ask them to phone/email the College and we can arrange a private tour or place them on a future group tour.

College Closure – Student Free Day

As previously communicated, the College will be closed this coming Friday, 19th June. A reminder that students are not required to attend school on this day.

Blessings for a restful weekend as you enjoy partaking in some of your regular activities.


UPDATE: Friday 5 June 2020

A very brief update this week in relation to COVID-19. There are no significant changes to current practices, just clarifications/reminders:


SA Health have this week confirmed that ‘the requirement to meet the gathering limit (20 people) remains in place for vehicle related activities (i.e. coaches for touring purposes that may seat 50 are capped at 20) outside of an educational setting, public transport or other standing exclusions from the gathering requirement.’

Therefore College related activities, bus services, small group excursions and camps which are currently permitted, are all ‘approved’ under current guidelines and exempt from the limit of 20 people.

Feeling unwell

Students should continue to remain at home if feeling unwell. While a COVID-19 test or clearance is not required for a return to school, SA Health would strongly encourage any person feeling unwell with cold/flu symptoms to have the test. This will also give peace of mind once the results have been received. Once symptoms have cleared, then a return to school is suitable.

Regional Travel

The College is supportive and encouraging of families travelling to regional areas of SA during this long weekend. While previously self isolation was appropriate, local communities and businesses rely on our support and where families have the ability and means to support our regional communities we would certainly be in favour of this. Naturally, if a family member is unwell, individuals should reconsider the need to travel.


The College encourages all adults to download the COVIDSafe App on to your smartphone. This measure is one way of providing fast and efficient contact tracing in the event of any future breakout of the virus. Please visit the appropriate App store for the free download.

This long weekend provides us all with an opportunity to have some rest and recuperation as we come in to the final weeks of Term 2. A reminder that we also have a Student Free Day scheduled for Friday 19th June.

We hope that this weekend our students and families can isolate some time to connect with activities that either bring rest or activities that have been missed over recent months, but now have the opportunity to engage in, with the easing of restrictions in our State.


UPDATE: Friday 29 May 2020


SA Health have approved the resumption of some of these activities. Small group camps and excursions may now recommence where they are an integral part of the curriculum outline, such as Outdoor Education. It is important to note that this is not the opening up of whole year level camps or excursions. Where one of these activities is planned to take place, additional risk management processes will be undertaken for the protection of students and staff.

Sport Training/Competition

Interschool school has not resumed and we do not have a date for this yet. However, sports training for our own teams may now recommence where required. The following guidelines will apply for these teams:

From the commencement of next Monday, 1st June:

  • Outdoor training only, groups of 10, social distancing measures implemented (due to coughing, spit, etc that can occur/build up from extended physical activity), modified training (no-contact allowed), hygiene and sanitisation required (coach to supervise the washing and sanitise hands before and after training).
  • Coaches to have hand sanitiser available during training.
  • Players are to bring their own drink bottles to training. No sharing of drink bottles or communal water stations allowed or other items (food) allowed.
  • All coaches and sports coordinators will undertake the Covid-19 First Aid course. https://covid-19training.gov.au/index.html
  • Any students feeling unwell are not to train and will be asked to withdraw from training.

From the commencement of Tuesday 9th June:

  • Mix of indoor and outdoor training, up to groups of 20. Contact training, match simulation allowed. Hygiene and sanitisation required.
  • Coaches to have hand sanitiser available during training.
  • Players are to bring their own drink bottles to training. No sharing of drink bottles or communal water stations allowed or other items (food) allowed.
  • All coaches and sports coordinators to have undertaken the Covid-19 First Aid course. https://covid-19training.gov.au/index.html
  • Any students feeling unwell are not to train and will be asked to withdraw from training.



The EFM Gym has been given the green light to resume operating as long as they follow SA Health guidelines. They are required to have a COVIDSafe plan in place as well as maintain participant numbers, hygiene and distancing requirements.

Hire of Facilities

The hire of College facilities will also be resuming, such as the Gym, Oval etc. Groups hiring our facilities will also need to follow SA Health guidelines in relation to maximum numbers, hygiene and distancing.

Parent/Caregiver Attendance

At this stage parents/caregivers are still asked to utilise kiss and drop zones, not linger onsite if dropping a child off/picking up and not enter classrooms. Thank you for your ongoing support in this, we know this is difficult, however your support so far has been outstanding and we hope in the next round of easing of restrictions this will be able to be addressed.

Parent/Caregiver Carparking

Please continue to use the kiss and drop zones at the front of the College off Tatachilla Road, through the Junior School Carpark and/or along California Road.

Please note that parent/caregivers are asked not to park in the bus parking area, and associated areas into/out of this space, as well as the most southern gravel carpark (Year 12 carpark), all accessed from California Road. These areas are reserved for our school buses, staff and Year 12 students parking. These are designated zones for these purposes due to the high volume of traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, and the protection of our youngest drivers. We are looking to add some additional signage to these areas so the prohibited areas are very clear for parents/caregivers.

Thank you for your ongoing support and attention to these matters.


UPDATE: Friday 22 May 2020

There is continued information in relation to easing of restrictions in the wider community. Many of these centre around the ‘opening up’ of businesses to promote employment and an economy recovery. To that end, we confirm that the latest announcements by SA Health in relation to easing of restrictions do not have any significant on our schools and that our experience over the past week, remains the same for the next week.

Student Attendance

We are essentially back to full attendance by all students onsite which has been wonderful for us as staff. It is a joy and pleasure to connect with students and continue their learning journey for this year.

It is expected that all students are now onsite for their learning, unless a significant medical vulnerability has been identified by a medical practitioner and the College has been informed accordingly. If your child is unable to attend school because they are unwell, this should be reported to the College in the usual way. Students who have been attending school as normal and are then ill, should be reported as ‘unwell’ and not as undertaking ‘home learning’. Home Learning would only be a suitable and acceptable reason under prior arrangements due to a medical vulnerability.

Camps/Excursions/College Gatherings

These activities remain deferred based on continued advice from SA Health. Once the advice changes in relation to these activities, then we will inform families. At this stage there is no indication of when these activities will again be permissible.

Interschool Sport

Competition between schools, including SASSA and SAPSASA, remain deferred at this time. Discussions have commenced about the resumption of these activities. It is not expected that these competitions will recommence until Term 3 at the earliest.

Activities such as Lunchtime Clubs and Sport, Ensembles and Choirs are periodically recommencing, some in a modified fashion.

May your week ahead be safe and joyful.


UPDATE: FRIDAY 15 May 2020

We commend each family for your support and resilience during this pandemic and for the ways in which you have supported your child/ren to adapt and be flexible to the changes that have been necessary to implement. While in some regard, life is returning to ‘normal’, there is still some way to go until all usual school activities return.

It is important to note that changes in the community do not necessarily relate directly to the operations of schools. Our own supporting agencies continue to work closely with SA Health on activities that can occur on school sites. For example, while the Government are encouraging the community to undertake regional travel and camping, this does not mean that school camps are recommencing at this point in time. Our direction for such activities remains unchanged.

Week 4 (from Monday 18th May)

All timetable schedules across the whole College return to normal from next Monday. The expectation is that all students will be onsite learning from Monday, with all learning taking place face to face with teachers. Video sessions, such as Zoom, will no longer occur after today.

If your child is unwell, then they should not attend school and you should follow the normal procedures for informing the College of their absence.

If you believe your child is unable to undertake learning at school for an extended period due to a vulnerability, please inform the College via email to Mrs Narelle Mistiades, EA to the Principal, narelle.mistiades@tatachilla.sa.edu.au as soon as possible, stating the reason for their learning from home and the period of time this will occur for. As noted above, classes will no longer be live-streamed for students not onsite. In the Junior School, please contact your child’s class teacher via email for some basic tasks to do at home. Students in the Middle and Senior Schools should continue with the work set on SEQTA.

Semester 1 Reports

Student reports for Semester 1 will now be distributed on Friday 24th July (Fri, Week 1, Term 3) to allow additional teaching, learning and assessment time as Semester 1 will conclude at the end of this term, and Semester 2 commence at the start of Term 3. These will be uploaded
to SEQTA as usual, which you will now see visible on 24th July instead of the end of this term.

External Providers

Specialist providers such as instrumental teachers, speech therapists, disability support workers and tutors are now permitted onsite. They will need to follow our usual visitor processes as well as maintaining hygiene and distance practices. They will not be attending the site if they feel unwell.


These remain cancelled at this time. There is no indication of when these larger scale events, and activities offsite will commence. We will continue to look at virtual hosting of some of these events over the coming weeks, as we have been doing weekly with our Virtual Chapels.

Enrolment Tours

In addition to private tours, small group tours will be commencing from 12th June onsite. These will be capped at a total of 30 people, and, when on tour around the grounds, will be in groups of roughly 4-6 with their tour guides. We are blessed to have strong interest in our tours at this time and wish to support families considering enrolling into our community. Private tours are already taking place and will continue and we have our virtual tour on our website, which was launched in 2019. If you know of any prospective families please direct them to our website, or contact the College Administration Office for further information.

Physical Distancing/Hygiene

Requirements for adults on the College site still remain the same. Please continue to use the ‘kiss and drop’ zones and only enter the College for essential business. If onsite, please maintain at least 1.5m from other people and do not enter classrooms. Our staff will continue to monitor parents/visitors on the site and will respectfully encourage movement or distance if these practices are not being maintained. I ask you to support our staff in these endeavours to protect everyone in our school community. Please continue to encourage your child/ren to wash their hands regularly and/or use sanitizer.


The EFM Gym remains closed for the public. However, permission has now been given for them to commence outdoor activities/boot camps before and/or after school. There are requirements in place for their operation, including groups no larger than 10, and maintaining social distancing and hygiene practices. 


When you download the COVIDSafe App, you’re taking an important step to protect yourself, your friends and family against Coronavirus, with your information and privacy strictly protected. The Commonwealth Government is strongly encouraging all adults to download the App. The College see this as a sensible step for the protection of our community during this pandemic and would encourage you to consider your own involvement. You can learn more here: www.health.gov.au/resources/apps-and-tools/covidsafe-app .

Thank you for your continued patience, support and positivity during these weeks. We look forward to continuing your child’s learning journey with them, and you, throughout this term.


This is a brief communication to confirm arrangements for next week.

The Prime Minister has outlined a plan for re-opening services in the community. These however will be determined by each State. At this stage there are no further changes to our operations. Activities such as camps, excursions, face to face Assemblies and Chapels are still on hold.

Junior School

  • Classes resume as per the normal timetable with class teachers.
  • All students are expected back in classes from Monday 11th May.
  • If your child is at home learning, teachers will provide limited learning resources. Online video/Zoom sessions will no longer be occurring after this week. Parents will need to identify reasons for a child not attending school and inform the College when they will return.

Middle/Senior Schools

  • The alternative timetable continues next week with the normal timetable  expecting to resume from Monday 18th May.
  • All students are expected back in classes from Monday, noting Year 11 and 12 students can continue to utilise the arrangements from this week, including undertaking private study from home in the afternoon.
  • Students at home will still be supported with work on SEQTA and linked in to Zoom sessions when available. For students at home, attendance is taken during the Home Class Zoom session at the start of the day. This is a compulsory time. Students who are not present during this time will be marked as absent and parents/caregivers can expect contact from the College.
  • If your child will be remaining at home from Monday 18th May (Week 4), parents will need to identify reasons for a child not attending school and inform the College when they will be returning. Please provide these details via email to Mrs Narelle Mistiades, EA to the Principal, narelle.mistiades@tatachilla.sa.edu.au prior to 18th May.


From Monday 11th May, all students are to be in Winter Uniform. The Uniform Guidelines can be found on our website here. Please familiarise yourself again with the guidelines and ensure your child is prepared for Monday.


UPDATE:  Monday 4 May 2020

We look forward to having more students onsite from Monday, and hopefully increasing in the days ahead. Please encourage your students to maintain strong hygiene practices while they are at school. Below are some final reminders as we prepare for Week 2:


  • Students onsite follow the normal attendance processes. If they are late for school they should be signing in at their Student Service Office and if they need to leave early this needs to be arranged as per normal.
  • If your child is undertaking their learning from home, again please contact your child’s Student Service Office to inform them so it can be recorded accordingly.
  • For all students, whether at school or home, if they are unwell and not taking part in the learning program, then please inform the College as normal through the attendance line or College App.

Unwell Students

  • If your child is unwell we would ask that you keep them at home until symptoms have cleared.
  • If your child presents as unwell during the school day then they will be assessed by out staff, and you will be contacted should we require you to collect them from school.

Drop Off/Pick Up Reminder

  • Please continue to use the ‘kiss and drop’ zones until further notice. If it is essential that you need to come on to College grounds please do not enter the classroom areas and depart as quickly as possible. Physical distancing guidelines currently remain in place for adults, including at school.

Junior School Reminders

  • If students were learning from home last week, they should bring their ‘take home’ packs with them on Monday, or when they first return.
  • Likewise they will need their iPad, fully charged.

Middle and Senior Week 2/3 Arrangements

  • An alternative timetable is operating in Weeks 2 and 3. Please refer to the link here to see the daily schedule of lessons.
  • Students should have all received an email of their timetable to their school email address yesterday. Please check this with your child before Monday 4th May and prepare for the change of lesson times. All information for learning will still be stored on SEQTA for students to access.
  • In Home Class on Monday, whether your child is learning from home or at school, Home Class Teachers will work through the alternative timetable reminding students how to access work on SEQTA and the routine for the day.
  • If students are returning to school for the first time, they need only bring what they need for each day so school bags are not too heavy on the first day back.
  • Students will need their charged laptop.

The path ahead

We are hopeful that as attendance increases and the South Australia’s spread of COVID-19 decreases that we will be able to return to our normal timetables and programs from Week 4 (18th May). Naturally whether we can resume aspects of school life like extra-curricular activities, Chapels and Assemblies, will still be dependent on Government advice and our ability to provide an ongoing safe environment for students, staff and parents.

Our staff are most appreciative of your ongoing support. Thank you for working in partnership with us during this period so that we can commence this measured journey back to ‘normal’ for our students.


UPDATE:  Thursday 30 April 2020

Thank you for your support and efforts during the start of this week as we have commenced Term 2 in a unique and different way to our usual back to term practices. Our preparations and planning are currently now focussed on the coming fortnight and this email is to provide an update and ask you once more to complete a survey to provide us with your best intentions from 4th May in regard to your child/ren attending school. This information will continue to inform our planning and delivery of teaching and learning for Term 2.

From Week 2 (4th May), face to face teaching will recommence onsite and we are encouraging every student to return to school. If your child has a medical vulnerability then you should discuss their return to school with your GP. As outlined by the Government and SA Health, schools are safe to be open and we wish to have our students onsite as soon as possible.

In recognition that some parents/caregivers may still elect to keep their children at home, we will have an alterative structure running at school within the regular school day times, to enable some limited continued support for students learning at home. We recognise that COVID-19 remains a reality in our community. Therefore, by having some alternative structures for the next fortnight as the majority of students return to school, we will be able to minimise the amount of contact and movement onsite.

Based on the below details for what teaching and learning will look like onsite from next week, I would ask that you please complete a new survey here by 3pm, Thursday 30th April.

It is important to note that the school day will run on the same start and finish times.

Junior School

  • Students onsite will be with their year level teacher following the online learning program.
  • Students at home will continue the online learning program as per this week with some limited continued support from their teacher or other Junior School staff.

Middle and Senior Schools

  • An alternative timetable will run from 4th May – 15th May, which allows for a considered and gradual return to the normal timetable, hopefully from 18th May (Monday Week 4).
  • A timetable has been organised that allows for 4 longer blocks of learning each day (usually 7). Students will be taught the online learning program as per this week, by their allocated subject teachers up to lunchtime, but will not see them as frequently during the next fortnight due to the longer blocks of time.
  • After lunchtime, supervised independent learning sessions will be undertaken where students will be able to continue on with learning from the morning blocks with the supervision of a teacher. The supervising teacher may not be one of their subject teachers.
  • All resources for teaching and learning will be available via SEQTA in the usual manner.
  • Students will receive a copy of the temporary timetable by the end of this week.
  • Students at home will follow the same alternative timetable, recognising that this structure responds to feedback from students and parents for a simplified timetable during this period.


  • Session & Break Times
    • Home Class               8:40am – 8:55am
    • Session 1:                  8:55am – 10:10am
    • Change over:             10:10am – 10:15am (fruit break)
    • Session 2:                  10:15am – 11:30am
    • Recess:                      11:30am – 11:55am
    • Session 3:                  11:55am – 1:10pm
    • Lunch:                        1:10pm – 1:55pm
    • Session 4:                  2:00pm – 3:15pm
  • Four 75 minute sessions per day:
  • Three sessions before lunch are dedicated to explicit teaching and skill development time.
  • One session after lunch is dedicated to supervised individual study and assignment/project work for students.
  • Year 11 and 12 students will be able to leave at lunchtime each day for Weeks 2 and 3, as long as they sign out through the usual processes and have parent permission to do so. This should be provided to the student’s Home Class Teacher via email.


As per our usual uniform transition period for this time of year, students can wear either winter or summer uniform next week. From Week 3 (11th May) all students are expected to be in Winter Uniform. Students can continue to wear their sports uniform on the day they have their PE class. On Wednesdays, students in Years 7 to 9 can wear their sports uniform to accommodate fitness time within their year level groups.

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop will be operating their normal hours from Monday 4th May, but restrictions on the amount of people in the Uniform Shop will be in place. Customers will be asked to wait outside until another customer leaves.


The Canteen will be operating as normal from Monday 4th May, but there will be restrictions on the amount of students in the Canteen at one time.

Bus Service

All College bus services will be operating as normal from Monday 4th May.


Before and After School Care services continue to operate as normal.


Additional hygiene and cleaning measures have been implemented. These include the provision of additional sanitiser and hand soap around the College as well as new handwashing stations in each sub-school. Regular cleaning of touch points, desks, tables, bins and playgrounds is taking place each day. Drinking fountains will only be open for students to fill up their water bottles, so please ensure your child brings their water bottle to school each day.

Social Distancing

Government advice for schools is that social distancing measures are not practical, nor required in the school environment for children. However, we will continue to educate students about sensible physical contact practices. Students should still not be touching each other, hugging, shaking hands and should be mindful of how close they are to other people. Any students that are unwell should not be attending school. 

For adults, the formal social distancing arrangements are still to be maintained. Therefore, up until at least the 15th May, parents/caregivers are required to use the ‘kiss and drop’ zones as the predominant method of dropping off/picking up students. Should it be essential for you to come onsite, please do not enter any classrooms, nor linger on the site talking with other parents. This will continually be reviewed in light of Government advice.

Should you need to make contact with your child’s teacher/s, you may email or phone them at the College. Naturally, should you need to attend the Administration Office, a Student Service Office or the Uniform Shop, you are able to for essential business, but must be responsible for maintaining social distancing. Hand sanitiser is provided in all of these locations.

Thank you for your ongoing support, consideration and attention to these communications. Your prompt response in responding to our surveys enables us to accurately plan for the coming days and weeks.

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UPDATE:  Monday 27 April 2020

Thank you for your attention to our communication late last week and for completing the survey. We can confirm that the College will be open for students to attend this week. All students, whether on site or at home, will complete the Remote Education program. We expect about 300 students on site this week, and that this will steadily increase from Week 2 as we seek to move back to face to face teaching.

As per advice from the Chief Medical Officer of South Australia we will be encouraging all students to return to school from Week 2. If you child has a medical vulnerability you should discuss with your GP about returning to school. We will be in contact later this week with further details about the plans for Week 2 and another survey to confirm your child’s attendance from Week 2.

This communication largely focuses on details for this week (28 April – 1 May):

  • All students will be undertaking learning through Remote Education, whether at school or at home.
  • All students are to wear their Sport Uniform for the week.

What can I expect if my child is learning from home:

  • they should have their work space set up and ready to go as per the Trial Day. We encourage students/families to use today to ensure the space materials, device is all set and ready for tomorrow.
  • they need to undertake the same process as they did for the Trial Day, connecting with their teachers via Seesaw, SEQTA and ZOOM.
  • a random sample of families will be called during the week to seek your feedback on the remote learning experience to help us improve for any future occurrence.
  • a reminder that a range of useful documents are on our website for parents and students which will assist in navigating Remote education. The latest support document for parents can be viewed here.

What can I expect if my child is learning from school:

  • parents/caregivers are to preferably use the ‘kiss and drop’ zones, including California Road as per last term. Only come onsite if you have an essential need, do not enter the classroom and do not linger on the site. Social distancing requirements are still in place for adults and must be adhered to.
  • Junior School students head to their class area where staff will direct them which room to go to – students will be in year level groups with one of the year level teachers (e.g. Year 1 students onsite altogether with one of the Year 1 teachers).
  • Junior School students need to bring their ‘take home pack’ back to school and their charged iPad.
  • Middle and Senior School students should assemble in the main courtyard prior to school then head to the follow locations:
    • Year 7 – Library
    • Year 8 – Library
    • Year 9 – Rooms 511/512
    • Years 10-12 – Senior School Centre
  • Middle and Senior School students need to bring their charged laptop, books etc back to school and can use their locker.
  • the Canteen and Uniform Shop remain closed. Online orders are being completed for the Uniform Shop.
  • a modified bus service is running this week.
  • OHSC services are operating as normal.
  • students should have their own drink bottle. Drink fountains will not be used for drinking out of directly but can be used for filling bottles.
  • additional handwashing stations, soap and sanitizer are available across the College and additional cleaning is being done of touch points, classrooms and playgrounds.
  • due to a smaller number of students onsite, some play areas will be closed. Students will be instructed where to play by the staff.

Can I contact teachers?

You are welcome to phone or email teachers as per usual. All staff, teachers and support, will be involved in providing the teaching program and will therefore be ‘with’ students during lessons times. However, due to the increase in communication at the moment, it may take longer than usual for a staff member to reply. Please be patient, they will reply as soon as possible.

What happens if my child is sick this week?

If your child is learning from home but is unwell, then you should report their absence as usual to the College by 8:30am. If your child is due to come to school but is unwell, again you should notify the College in the usual way. If your child has any cold or flu symptoms then do not send your child to school. Likewise, if you or any family members are sick, we would ask you not enter our site.

What can I do if I am under financial pressure?

As per previous communication, we would encourage you to make contact with the College as soon as possible if the College fees are concerning you. Please contact either Mr Christo Botha or Mrs Jo Evans in our Finance Office to confidentially discuss your individual circumstance.

Where to next?

As detailed, during this week we will update details for Week 2. As we all appreciate, circumstances can change based upon latest government and Health advice. We will continue to keep you informed and expect weekly emails, if not more frequent, will continue throughout this term. Later this week we will publish a list of cancelled events for Term 2. As the term progresses we will reassess these based on latest advice and keep you updated as quickly as we can.

Please continue to keep an eye on your inbox. Copies of our correspondence can also be found on our website here.

We thank you for your ongoing flexibility, support and understanding during these ever-changing times. Blessings to you and your family for this week as we commence this new term together.


UPDATE:  Thursday 23 April 2020

Peace and blessings to you as we prepare to commence Term 2. Although no doubt different to your ‘usual’ Easter and school holiday routines, we hope that the current circumstances have however still permitted some form of appropriate Easter celebrations within your families as we remember the ultimate sacrifice Christ made for us all on the cross.

This is a follow up to the last formal correspondence on 9th April, regarding schooling arrangements for Term 2. As expected, a lot has changed since that time with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the information was provided at that time to give families clarity and certainty about Term 2 as we entered school holidays. The information at that time, was that we would commence Remote Education from the start of Term 2.

Yesterday the State Government, through the Chief Medical Officer, has confirmed that all schools will be open from the start of the term and they are encouraging students to return to school. Our planning and preparations for Remote Education are such that our direction at the end of Term 1 remains the same, that the school will be open from next week. Teachers and students have planned and prepared for work at home.

We will commence school next Tuesday, 28th April, with Remote Education as our primary mode and will operate in this mode for the first week of term, with this to be reviewed on 1 May for Week 2. Any student unable to learn from home will be able to attend the College and will be supervised by our teaching and support staff, undertaking the same learning program as students at home. It is anticipated at this stage, that from 4th May (Week 2), face to face teaching will resume, although this may be done through an alternative timetable structure, allowing for explicit classroom teaching and supervised independent learning. A return to full-time face to face teaching will occur when attendance rates significantly increase to a majority of students onsite.

We know from our parent survey at the end of Term 1, that we expect only 10% of students on site next week. However, we recognise that with the advent of time and this most recent information, your choices as a family may have changed. Therefore, we are asking all families to please complete a new short survey, to indicate your intention for attendance from next week (Tuesday, 28 April), to ensure that we can adequately plan for both students learning at home and onsite. Please complete the survey here by 12pm, Friday 24th April. This survey will supersede that done at the end of last term.

We appreciate that there are many pieces of information circulating in the wider community about education and the provision of learning this term and that many schools will be undertaking different approaches. We wish to be very clear that we will continue to be open for those students that need to attend the site in the first week of term and that our Remote Education continues to provide quality, enriching and intellectual learning materials due to the dedicated and professional work of our teachers. The risk of COVID-19 remains in the community and we will undertake a gradual return to ‘normal’ to ensure our students and staff are safe.

Once we have the new survey results, further information will be shared with all families by midday on Monday 27th April, in preparation for classes to commence on Tuesday 28th April.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during these changing times.


UPDATE: Thursday 9 April 2020

The Federal Education Minister met with State and Territory counterparts earlier this week. As a result of that meeting, it was confirmed that from Term 2, any child who can learn from home, must learn from home.

As a result, we confirm that our College will be moving to our Remote Education Plan from the commencement of Term 2, being Tuesday 28 April for our College. Students should remain at home to undertake their learning remotely through our online platforms as trialled yesterday. Parents and students should be prepared for this to be for the complete duration of Term 2; however, we will continue to align ourselves with Government advice. Should ‘business as normal’ occur earlier than the end of Term 2, then we will seek to respond accordingly.

Children of Essential Workers will be able to attend the College, where they will complete the same remote learning activities as those at home, but will be supervised by an adult, in multi-age groups. It is important to note that these students will not have their usual classroom teacher supervising them, as they will be conducting online lessons for their students. On most days, they will be supervised by non-teaching staff employed at the College.

In order for the College to effectively plan for Term 2, all families are requested to complete a short survey, confirming your child will be learning from home, or if an Essential Worker, that they will be onsite. One parent/caregiver is asked to complete the survey here by Tuesday 14 April.

Further information about the College Remote Education Plan can be found on our website here. Please familiarise yourself with these documents in preparation for Term 2. Additionally we have a vast array of self-help files for technology related questions/functions. These can also be accessed from the College website here.

Ministers have also confirmed that Year 12 will be completed this year for all students. There will be no repeating or Year 13 scenarios. The SACE Board is working with SATAC and schools on adjustments to the learning program for the remainder of the year. Again, students should be prepared that classes and examinations may occur later than previously scheduled. Year 12 students can continue to receive up-to-date information related to SACE here.

An amended bus service will run if required for children who may be onsite in Term 2. Questions regarding the use of the bus service are included in the survey link above.

Camp Australia will continue to provide Vacation Care during the Term 1 holidays. They are currently evaluating any availability of services for Term 2 and will be in contact with registered families directly. You can make bookings for Vacation Care or connect with them here.

The Minister for Education in South Australia, John Gardner, has provided a letter to all families which you can read here. Additionally, the Commissioner for Children and Young People in South Australia has just launched ‘hub’, a safe, online space for young South Australians to connect, learn new skills, keep up to date and ‘hang out’. Please feel free to view this resource (https://hub.ccyp.com.au/) and share it with your child.

We all know that Term 2 will look different and that, at times, Remote Education may be challenging. We are most appreciative of the wonderful support from students and parents over recent weeks and we commend everyone in our community on your efforts to adapt to the changes. As parents, we encourage you to be kind and gentle to yourselves since we are not expecting that you will replicate what happens at school. We will continue to work closely with students and parents during Term 2 and will provide not only teaching, but also the care, wellbeing and community support that is a hallmark of our College. We will be walking this journey with you. We are incredibly proud and thankful for the staff team at Tatachilla. They have done an amazing job in a short period to adapt the year for a new model of teaching and learning, and we can all be rightly appreciative of their immense efforts.

We know that this is a time in our lives when there is much uncertainty. As previously communicated, we want to ensure that your child knows that school is a certainty. No matter whether we are here on site or connected through technology, school will remain a critical and focused part of their lives during this time. Each student’s Class and Home Class Teacher remains their immediate point of contact and support. We miss seeing our students and we miss seeing you! Therefore, during Term 2, operational arrangements will be frequently reviewed, having regard to Government expectations and feedback from staff, students and parents/caregivers so that we can once again connect face to face when the time allows and as soon as is suitable.

For the next two weeks our staff need a rest and we need to allow them the space to do just that. Like our students, rest is critically important for us to function at our best and that is what we want for each child again in Term 2. The College will remain in contact as Term 2 draws nearer, but as we move in to the Easter weekend, the most important time on our Christian calendar, we would ask you continue your great support of our staff, and allow them the time to rest. Thank you in advance for your support.

The very first words that Jesus spoke to his disciples when he rose on Easter Sunday, was ‘Peace be with you’ (John 20:19). Right now our prayer to you all, is that the peace, love and grace of Christ, may rest with you and your family this Easter and in the coming fortnight. May we be reminded of His great love for us and our love for each other.


UPDATE: Tuesday 31 March 2020

Thank you all for the support you have shown the College during these unprecedented times. Our staff team have really appreciated the positive notes, comments and feedback on their efforts over the course of the past few weeks (including the special cupcakes). It  is  a  testament  to  the  strength of the College community that we remain so well connected during this time of physical distancing while remining socially connected.

Pastor Jon reminded our Executive Team this morning that a better term is ‘physical distancing’. We do want to stay connected socially as much as possible, but this will likely be through technology that is new to many of us for the coming weeks. Keeping our physical distance is important, but supporting each other as a community is still an important social concept we endeavour to maintain.

We realise the fast changing circumstances are producing challenges of different types for many of our families, and we wish all of you and your family's good health and best wishes for the coming weeks.

On Sunday evening, the Federal Government added restrictions to increase community isolation. The Prime Minister also encouraged parents to keep their children at home, if they were able to do so rather than sending them to school. However, the SA Education Minister’s advice, based on SA Health information, is that schools, apart from those in the Barossa Valley, should be operating. We are trying to support both announcements and navigate these messages the best that we can.

At this stage we still do not know what Term 2 will consist of. Certainly the Minister has indicated a move to Remote Education but this has not been confirmed. We currently work on what we do know, which is the time period up to Good Friday, followed by the school holidays as previously communicated. As soon as we have information in relation to Term 2, we will share this with families, but I would not anticipate this to be forthcoming until after the Easter period.

For students learning at home in Week 10 (this week)

Currently, they should be continuing with the work that has been provided by the class teacher in the Junior School or the tasks set by Subject Teachers on SEQTA in the Middle and Senior Schools. We have been very clear that we will move to our Remote Education Plan, either when the school is forced to close or if the State Government instructs all students to stay at home. Should you need support or flexibility with arrangements for completion/submission of work, please contact the teacher as per normal.

Packs of materials are also being prepared for students to use in the event that Remote Learning commences in Term 2. Take home packs will be sent home with students from tomorrow (Wednesday 1 April) to the end of Week 10 if they are still attending onsite. For families who have children at home, you can collect a pack on Wednesday 1 April or Thursday 2 April from 8:30am-9:30am:

  • In the Junior School one parent/caregiver per family is asked to collect the pack from the Years 1-2 courtyard area, where the packs will be laid out in year levels.
  • In the Middle School students can collect their pack from their year level courtyard, as well as collecting their belongings from their locker. Parents/Caregivers are asked to remain in their car in the main carpark.
  • Senior School
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