Look up. Look beyond.

This week I was fortunate to be able to gather with colleagues in Hobart for our National Lutheran Principal’s Conference. Getting to and from Hobart required two flights, via Melbourne. Travelling back on Wednesday night we were flying just on dusk. I was conscious when we were beyond the clouds at 30,000 feet, just missing the arrival of the Antarctic blast that had been spoken about for the previous 24 hours, that I was – up! Once we have risen above the clouds on a flight, can we still dream of looking up? Will we ever attain an even higher altitude?

The College theme this year, taken from 2 Corinthians, sets a striking provocation enabling deep reflection, hope, determination and perspective. At the end of Term 1, our whole College community came together for an aerial photo to gather around this theme – Look Up. Look Beyond.

Under careful instruction, students from Reception through to Year 12 gathered on the Junior School Oval, assembled in either the letters of the theme or as one of the grapes in our Seek Fresh Horizons symbol.

The theme not only challenges us to look up but to also look beyond.

Courtney Blake, Youth Worker, shared at Chapel at the end of Term 1,

“Perhaps ‘Looking Beyond’ isn’t about outward striving; striving for wealth, possessions, reputation, fame, philanthropy or future, but is rather, an opportunity to reconnect with our core-self. A connection of our shared humanity and a deeper understanding of the individual strengths and characteristics that we can offer the world around us. It is a theme that dares us to expand our understanding of what we know to be real, to embrace growth; an anthem of hope, a declaration and acceptance of self.”

As we move deeper into Term 2, may we as student, parent, caregiver and staff member, each consider the possibilities of what lies beyond the horizon, beyond even the highest clouds, of what the possibilities are for our future. A vision worth dreaming is one worth attaining to. As you come to realise what the possibilities may be for you individually this term, I pray that you will be strengthened, supported, challenged and encouraged through our community to hope large, dream big, think deep, reflect wide and love eternally.

Blessings to all mothers and grandmothers this weekend!

Mr Cain McDonald

WATCH the drone footage of the LOOK BEYOND formation, captured by Year 8 students, Alex Ingamells and Christian Feldberg.

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