Reader’s Workshop in Reception

How many minutes would you expect the Reception children to read without being distracted? Would you guess 5 minutes or 10 minutes, or even 15 minutes? Currently, the Receptions are sustaining their reading for 20 minutes, and this is how:

  • Each child has a ‘book bag.’ Children choose their books; two picture books, two decodable, and two ‘just right fit’ reader texts. Once a week, they go ‘book shopping’ to change their books.
  • Children use a reading mat where they stack their books from easy to hard. They warm up their reading muscles by reading easy books first, followed by books with more words. Children place sticky notes on challenging words.
  • Children apply their super reading powers including ‘picture power,’ ‘snap word power ‘(tricky words), ‘pointer power,’ ‘partner power,’ ‘sound power’ (blending words), and ‘persistence power’ when reading. They recognise and explain their powers when reading.
  • Children use ‘partner power’ to echo and choral read. During this time, the children point to words, help each other read challenging words, and practise fluency and expression. Aliona said, “when we choral read, we keep to the reading beat”.

What we see is children excited to read independently. They confidently talk about what they are reading and how they are reading. We are fortunate to have Mrs Tracy Grice, Mrs Ali Thacker, and Mrs Lisa Hall working with children in small groups this term. We believe the Reading Workshop units of study have provided an excellent foundation for children to read and most importantly, to enjoy and develop a lifelong love of reading.

We wonder how many minutes the Receptions will be reading at the end of the year? We can hardly wait to see it!

Mrs Jayne Thelning and Mrs Marlise Gersch

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