Welcome to Week 6

We are officially over the half way point of the busy first term. At this point in the longest term of the academic year, pressures of summative assessment can mount for students, especially if organisation is not made a priority. It is impossible for students to sustain a consistent standard across their subject areas in a stress free way if they are constantly moving from one deadline emergency to another. Similarly, test preparation can suffer if students are meeting assignment deadlines at the last minute. Senior School students should not be working on a single task to the exclusion of all other course work. If assessment results do not reflect a student’s ability, very often planning and organisation can be key factors in the result.

Students and parents/caregivers are encouraged to take advantage of the resources available on the student study site for Elevate Education that includes support for organisation tips as well as a guide to constructing a study timetable. With examinations approximately 11 school weeks away for the Years 10 and 11 students, forward planning to accommodate study and coursework completion is vital to success. Please take a look at the resources available on the following website - austudent.elevateeducation.com

Year 10 Focus

Year 10 students have a great deal to look forward to this semester. We’ve already had a positive start to the year in getting to know the newest members of our sub-school community. The introductory interviews held with each student have enabled us to learn about them as individuals and to begin early discussions about dreams and goals for their futures. This new initiative is linked to the SACE compulsory subject, The Personal Learning Plan, and offers students an opportunity to experience the interview process in a supported and relaxed environment while sharing their aspirations. Staff involved thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were impressed with the openness of the students.

Students also appreciated the opportunity to discuss themselves and their futures with their Home Class Teachers. One student commented that, “Walking away from the interview I felt changed. For the first time, I felt like I could achieve anything I wanted. The first thing I did once I walked out the interview room was to book in to see Mrs Templeman. I really wanted to make sure I took in what the teachers said and take advantage of the fact I can get someone to help me plan my future. I really feel that this interview helped me work out how to plan my time more and to work effectively. I now feel ready for the rest of my schooling years.

This semester Year 10 students can also look forward to ABW, Work Experience and Mock Job Interviews.

Mrs Marylyn Marshall


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