Look up and beyond in the Middle School in 2018

Celebrating our young people through the Specialness Project

The final year of Middle School in Year 9 provides many rich and deep experiences that challenge our young people to ‘look up and beyond’ themselves to use their strengths, beliefs and gifts with purpose and serve others. Employers in the workforce are asking for employees who know their strengths and are reflective thinkers and can apply new skills to transform existing knowledge into new ways of being.

This is the challenge we give to our Year 9s - a real world life project - through the Specialness Project.

So what are we challenging our young people to do?

  • Love what they do and identify their passions and talents.
  • Learn a new skill that showcases their passions or talent.
  • Connect with a mentor who is older than them and be inspired in the new skills they are developing.
  • Serve others through this process.

We look forward to celebrating each of our young people’s Specialness Projects and journey, but most importantly can’t wait to see them realise the enormous capacity they have to be active participants in changing the world they live in and be a person of purpose.

Ms Sarah Hoff-Zweck

IMAGE: 2017 Year 9 Specialness Project by Georgia Copeland


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