“I will honour Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year”. (Charles Dickens)

Our Final Chapel for 2017 drew together multiple Christmas stories from around the world – Babushka, Ebenezer Scrooge, the Three Wise Men and Santa Claus. All have special elements of Christmas that we can associate with and importantly the final message is that all give us great reminders of the opportunity to live in love and friendship as we care and give to others.

The special times of celebration in our community help focus our eyes firmly on the Cross. Often the image of the Cross is associated more with the Easter story, as Christ lay limp and dying in order to bring fruition to our salvation. However, the Cross is the culmination of the Christmas story, the place where the story begins with the birth of Jesus Christ. The symbols, images and stories of Christmas enables us to live our lives with purpose, hope and love, not only on 25th December, but every day of our lives.

Student Celebrations

Term 4 sees a number of events to celebrate and recognise the achievements of the academic year. My congratulations are extended to the many students who have received recognition through events such as the Year 6 Graduation, the Year 9 Ritual, the Year 12 Valedictory and just this week, the Australian Business Week for Year 10.

We often think that days will somehow get quieter and more relaxed as we draw nearer the end of Term 4, when in fact, there are more events as we seek to allow each individual student and opportunity to conclude in a positive and fulfilling manner.

Staff Farewells

In recognising our student achievements over recent weeks, we have also had the chance to recognise staff who are in periods of transition currently:

  • Mrs Rosemary Scarfo concludes her contract as MS/SS Technology Teacher
  • Mr Luke Christiansen concludes his contract as Youth Mentor
  • Mr Isaac White concludes his contract as Band Director
  • Mrs Laura Simmons has resigned to take up a position at Concordia College
  • Mrs Jacqui Schar concludes her contract as MS/SS PE, Health, Christian Studies Teacher
  • Mr Josh Koop concludes his JS Teaching contract and commences at Encounter Lutheran College
  • Mr Damon Prenzler concludes his contract as Assistant Head of Junior School: Wellbeing
  • Mrs Jill Carratt retires as Junior School Learning Support
  • Mrs Emma Murphy has resigned as JS Teacher
  • Mr Andrew Squire has resigned as JS Teacher
  • Mr Seelan Chetty has resigned as MS/SS Maths and Science Teacher to move to NSW
  • Mrs Janene Williams retires as JS SSO
  • Mr Paul Lambert after 15 years of service retires from MS/SS Teacher

Staff Appointments

We also welcome into our College community from 2018 the following new staff members who have been recently appointed:

  • Ms Courtney Blake reappointed for 2018 as Youth Counsellor
  • Mr Shane Carter as MS/SS Teacher in Maths and Science
  • Ms Ashlee Francis as JS Teacher from Encounter Lutheran College
  • Mr Daniel Krieg reappointed for 2018 as MS/SS Teacher in Science, PE and Health
  • Ms Minka Lock reappointed for 2018 as MS/SS Teacher in Humanities and Christian Studies
  • Ms Stephanie Neale has been appointed as Band Teacher
  • Mrs Megan Norman as JS Teacher from St Michael’s Lutheran Primary School
  • Mr Joseph Paton as JS Teacher from Claremont College, Sydney
  • Ms Natalia Slight as MS/SS Teacher in Maths and Science
  • Mrs Emily Thompson as MS Teacher in English, Humanities and Christian Studies
  • Mrs Susannah Waters as JS Learning Support from Maitland Lutheran Primary School
  • Mr Andrew Weiss as Assistant Head of Senior School: Student Wellbeing and Year 10 Coordinator from Cornerstone College
  • Mrs Emma Williams as Assistant Head of Junior School: Student Wellbeing from Westminster School

We welcome back staff from leave – Mrs Kay Digby and Mrs Tess Gilbert. We also wish Mr Scott Deverson, Mrs Chris Koop and Ms Cass Norton blessings as they all take periods of Long Service Leave in Term 1. Mr Deverson’s classes will be covered by Mr Mick Owers and Mrs Rosemary Scarfo, Mrs Annie Zerbo will replace Mrs Koop in Performing Arts, while Ms Jessica Felgenhaur will replace Ms Norton.

Our new staff will be formerly welcomed into our College at our Opening Service in Week 1 of Term 1.

We thank also the following staff changing rolls next year from their current leadership responsibilities:

  • Mrs Liz Bentley as Assistant Head of Middle/Senior Schools: Wellbeing
  • Mr Tyson Leech as HPE Coordinator
  • Ms Stacey Moros as HASS Coordinator
  • Mr Mark Turner as Year 11 Coordinator

I recognise all our teaching and support staff who have worked tirelessly and passionately for each child throughout this year. To our College Council and Executive Team I thank you for your commitment and passion to ensure successful pathways for all students. Each member of our College team is unwavering in their care for each child and their commitment to ensure that each child discovers their self-worth and experiences individual success.

Christmas Blessings

May deep blessings and grace be upon you this Christmas, in the hope that you have opportunity and time to rest with your family and friends. May the peace of Christ be amongst us all these holidays and return us safely to our community in 2018 as we serve and enrich each other.

May your eyes be lifted to the heavens and may we recognise the most precious gift of all – that of our Saviour and Christ.

“His name shall be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace”.

(Isaiah 9:6)

Mr Cain McDonald


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