Share the Love of Christ as your Christmas gift to others

Every day is a gift from God and we have the opportunity to use this gift to better the lives of others. We are blessed within our country with the supply of food, education, safe homes to live in and the opportunities to pursue our dreams. However, there are so many of our brothers and sisters in Christ who do not have these same opportunities.

Our 7-11 Casual Day in Week 5 caused us all to stop as we enter the Christmas season to look deep within ourselves in making a difference to the lives of others globally.

The money went towards supporting the “Long Drop Loo” project run by Australian Lutheran World Service, where proper toilets and sanitation improve the hygiene and health of people living in rural areas of Indonesia, and promote the safety and dignity of women and girls. We thank the many hands who baked or bought cupcakes for this worthy cause.

Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) Gifts of Grace

Recently an email was sent to parents encouraging you this Christmas to give to those close to you, gifts that bless others far away. Through ALWS you can purchase a Gift of Grace this Christmas where you know it is making a difference in the lives of people within communities such as; Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Kenya and Sudan.

Gifts of Grace include;

  • For just $10 you can provide a chicken and training so farmers in Cambodia learn how to raise poultry to make a profit.
  • Dirty water causes diarrhoea, which kills 4,000 children under 5 years old every day. For $40 you can provide a family share of a deep well in Cambodia to supply clean water.
  • For $30 you can provide families in Nepal with a home garden which includes 4 - 5 days training plus fruit tree seedlings.
  • Help a child get started at school with a kit containing uniform, school bag, pencil, pen, mug and umbrella for $30.

To order a Gift of Grace through ALWS this Christmas visit www.alws.org.au

At Tatachilla we seek to transform the hearts, hands and minds of our young people to think outside of their selves in service to others. It is our prayer that we can all find the moment to give generously to others this Christmas season.


Ms Sarah Hoff-Zweck


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