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Tatachilla Lutheran College has a rich and proud history, even before the time of our school being born on this site. In the mid 1800s local Indigenous people moved through this region, connecting with local Lutheran missionaries who learnt the Kaurna language and culture. In the 1900s our site was home to the largest winery in the southern hemisphere, while in the late 20th century the Lutheran Church established the ‘Tatachilla Camp’.

Wonderful visionaries developed plans for our school in the early 1990s, with the College opening its doors in 1995. Significant change, development, growth and transformation have taken place over the last 22 years. Globally, educational pedagogy is changing and as a staff we have been challenged in our educational thinking through experiences such as the documentary Most Likely to Succeed, the development of our Learning Principles and the Australian Conference of Lutheran Education at the end of last term.

Drawing together these various threads, demand that we, just as any school should, ask ourselves and reconsider the question, “What is our core focus for the future?”

Articulating the answer to this question has given rise to a new identity, a renewed focus and a clear direction for the coming years of our College. This focus complements our Mission and Vision Statements, and importantly our Learning Principles, ensuring that we are in a constant state of continuous improvement.

Seek Fresh Horizons depicts three grapes that embody the key elements of our learning community for the future: Service Learning, Wellbeing and Teaching & Learning. Each colour of the grape represents the region in which we are located, while at the same time depicting growth and regeneration. The distinct colours signify three of our local natural attributes; ochre for the earth, green for the vineyards and blue for the coastline. In the very centre, is our ‘Tatachilla red’ which exemplifies the learner. The stalk representing the different pathways that a learner can take on their journey at, and beyond, the College.

Through the brave exploration of the worlds of learning, we challenge the learner to ‘Seek Fresh Horizons’ for their fulfilment and their future. Each grape is represented in the following way:

Wellbeing – is taught, built and embedded in our community

Tatachilla Lutheran College is a safe, supportive and respectful environment for all members of the community in which to learn and work. We teach, build and embed the elements of physical, academic, social, spiritual and emotional wellbeing in the curriculum, through targeted programmes, and in events throughout the school year, to enable us to learn and do our best.

Service Learning – transforms ourselves and the world

Service Learning is transformational for those we serve and ourselves. When we engage the heart, hand and mind we offer our learners the opportunity to experience acts of service, reflect on their actions and see the outcome of their service. Our global, national and local service learning projects encourage our learners to walk alongside the stranger and become a guest in their world.

Teaching and Learning - is personalised, innovative and challenging

Teaching and learning is the primary purpose of the College. Each learner is acknowledged and known as an individual with their story, achievements and challenges. We deliver personalised learning that focuses on progress, achievement and participation. Our quality curriculum is comprised of core elements that are planned, taught and assessed in an innovative and developmentally appropriate way.

Over the coming weeks and months, you will see and hear more about how we will all Seek Fresh Horizons – in partnership together as students, parents and staff to collaborate on transformation focused on delivering the best outcomes for each individual student as they journey through Tatachilla Lutheran College.

Mr Cain McDonald


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