Inspiring creativity in our learning spaces

I love the artistic process of seeing young people begin with a blank page of paper, canvas or clay and transform it into a new creation that is unique and individual. Our Middle School is blessed to have art teachers; Ms Cass Norton, Ms Skye McVicar and Mrs Therese Cook who are guiding our young people to create artworks that will live in our learning spaces in the Middle School.

Year 7 EcoClassroom Indigenous Art

As part of Ms Norton’s unit on Indigenous Art, Year 7 students walked around the EcoClassroom and mapped the EcoClassroom before creating their interpretation of the landscape as a dot painting. These paintings will become part of a rich fabric to our EcoClassroom collection and history.

Year 8 Monet Pond

As part of Ms McVicar’s Year 8 Art elective, students have been making clay creations inspired by Monet’s famous pond. This pond will be placed on the main wall of the Year 8 Centre which will bring life and God’s creation to this learning space.

Year 9 Mosiac Tile Wall

As part of both Ms Norton and Ms McVicar’s Year 9 Art elective, students have been designing clay mosaic tiles based on what it means to be a part of Tatachilla. Each tile represents each individual young person’s journey with us and the gifts and talents they bring that enriches the lives of others. These mosaic tiles will be placed on the wall along the pathway of the Year 9 Centre and will be added to each year.

These outdoor community artworks are living art that gives every young person in the Middle School the opportunity to reflect on rich and deep meaning in their lives that gives them a sense of purpose and inspiration for living life each day.

Winemakers of Tatachilla

Thank you to the many parents, staff and community members who came along to support the Winemakers of Tatachilla event last Friday evening. It was a wonderful evening of connection, fun and socialising, that displayed the heart of what it means to live in a community with each other. A special thank you to Mason Parry, Evie Ryan, Ella Holden, Megan Tiller, Amelia Place,  Phebe Mooney and Katelyn Burns for assisting with service on the evening.

We hope to see many more parents at this event next year as we strengthen our community partnerships with each other and the beautiful wine and food region that we are blessed to be a part of in McLaren Vale.

Ms Sarah Hoff-Zweck
Head of Middle School


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