If it fields good, do it.

For their latest issue, Fleurieu Living Magazine asked Tatachilla Lutheran College senior students to write an editorial for consideration in FLM. This event feature was written by Year 12 student, Aysha England.

‘It’s pretty crazy,’ says Benjamin Hewett in an attempt to describe the contribution and support that he and his team have received from the dynamic Fleurieu Peninsula community for the Field Good Festival.

The event has been a long-held dream of Benjamin’s, and with the combined energies and talents of his partners in the project – Sam Lavers and Gerry Bain – it’s sure to be a great success.

Benjamin Hewett is founder of Yeo Haus, an uptrend surf brand located in Port Elliot. Sam Lavers is the lead singer of local band Zen Panda. Both are part of a new generation of creativity in the Fleurieu Peninsula. Add to the mix their mutual friend Gerry Bain from local record label Swirl Records and you have a one-of-its-kind festival on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

The fruit of their labour, Field Good, is a two-day, one-night music, arts and camping event taking place on October 27 and 28.

The focus of the festival is on showcasing local brands and talent, with the boys agreeing they would rather bring people in who are their friends, rather than ‘big names’ just to draw a crowd. ‘It’s definitely a platform that lots of people have been chipping in (for), says Sam. ‘There’s lots of people down south here who are doing some pretty creative roles.’ says Sam. Alongside established local artists of various genres such as STORK, Druid Fluids and Lucy Zola, the boys also hope to ‘dig up’ talent and deliver a real taste of what the Fleurieu Peninsula has to offer.

The organisers are particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity to host this event close to home, with the festival being held at Alma’s Hems Amphitheatre – a private property owned by their friend Kylie Kain – just east of Inman Valley. They’ve also lined up a number of sponsors including Coopers Brewery and Alpha Box & Dice. And it’s likely to be just the beginning for the boys, who hope the Field Good Festival will become an annual feature. Look out for tickets on their Facebook and Instagram pages. @fieldgoodfest

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