Student Profile: James Rogers, Year 12

For our latest student feature, we focus on Year 12 student, James Rogers, and his personalised pathway to success in the SACE.


How does it feel to have already completed your Stage 2 SACE?

I felt relieved when the results were released, knowing that I had finally finished my SACE. It does feel a little strange to still be at school doing subjects even though I have already met my SACE requirements.


What have you enjoyed about the flexibility that you have been able to access through the choices of SACE courses?

I was able to work towards my SACE over a few years because of the courses that were available. I studied Certificates 2 and 3 in Animation and Film Products during Years 9 and 10. I also completed Certificate 3 in Childcare in Year 11. Being able to do these courses has allowed me to undertake studies in areas of interest to me as well as offering flexibility in workload and managing stress levels effectively.


How have your course choices helped you with employment pathways?

Studying certificates in both Childcare and Film Animation has given me two different opportunities for career choices and I have been able to apply for work already in a childcare facility. It has allowed me to fast track this process for when I leave school as I am already prepared for work in this industry.


What made you choose additional courses to supplement and complement your SACE course?

I chose to do these extra courses as part of my SACE which opened up other opportunities in different areas than just standard subjects offered at school. I want to be working in childcare after leaving school and therefore being able to do this course while still at school means that I will be able to look for employment straight away.


How have the College staff assisted you with your personal pathway?

Mrs Templeman, Career Development Coordinator, has assisted me in choosing courses specific to my interests as well as putting other school subjects in place to support each of the certificate requirements. She has also helped me in contacting the course organisers and has kept in contact with me regularly to see how I am managing everything.


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