A fresh, new learning hub for our students

Tatachilla Lutheran College Library provides a flexible, collaborative, dynamic learning space that promotes literacy and a love of reading. So that creativity, inquiry and independence can flourish, the Library offers a point of difference through its print collection, relational staff and the opportunity to engage in a variety of learning experiences.

Throughout the life of Tatachilla Lutheran College, the Library has evolved to meet the changing needs of students, staff and the community. Over the past 18 months in particular, Library staff have undertaken the task of reinventing this space in order to create a fresh, new learning hub within the school.

This process involved extensive consultation and active research both within the College community and with external providers, gaining new ideas and perspectives on how spaces, services and resources could be used. Staff also visited a number of innovative learning institutions, schools and public libraries across Adelaide to discuss, plan and imagine the potential for Tatachilla.

Key priorities were established to connect with the College Strategic Directions and Learning Principles, to improve and transform the physical learning spaces, resource collections, curriculum and accessibility to Library services. Opportunities were also created for greater involvement in extracurricular activities.

There was a need for specific learning ‘zones’ to exist within the Library, so that students could have areas for quiet reading, sustained independent study, Reader’s Workshop and collaborative learning, as well as engagement with gallery spaces, exhibitions and hands-on art, craft and STEM activities. After a lengthy planning phase involving everything from computer simulations and blueprint sketches to Lego models, a selection of new furniture and the rearrangement of existing shelving were finally put into place.

The development of each learning ‘zone’ also necessitated the relocation of every book and resource, which provided an opportunity to rearrange the print collections in both Junior and Middle School. Students have relished the opportunity to browse for their favourite authors and series within a specific genre, rather than by alphabetical order. This in turn, has significantly improved the circulation and borrowing rates across the sub-schools. Similarly, the establishment of Reader’s Workshop and progressively, Writer’s Workshop during Library class sessions have led to a flourishing culture of reading at Tatachilla. The regular and structured time spent with teacher-librarians has allowed students to develop reading stamina, extend their connections with texts and build a love for literature beyond the classroom.

The Tatachilla Library has become a vibrant and productive centre for students, staff and the College community. We provide opportunities for Junior School students to take part in lunchtime art, craft and STEM activities, as well as seasonal events, such as ‘Winter Reads’, where Middle School students are able to listen, chat and connect with staff members as they share excerpts from a range of treasured books. Likewise, the ‘Authors in Residence’ program, Premier’s Reading Challenge and CBCA Book Week celebrations have continued to be a staple part of the Library experience at the College.

The future vision for the growth of the Library includes the added features of gallery and exhibition spaces to showcase student learning and highlight community events, as well as the ongoing development of our online services. We look forward to continuing this journey, fostering a love of literature and offering a variety of rich learning experiences.


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