Introducing E-Sports at Tatachilla

At Tatachilla we promote and engage in competitive E-Sports within the Meta: eSports and Gaming Competition. 

The Meta: eSports and Gaming's mission is to engage with high school students and E-Sports fans to improve life skills and educational outcomes. This is done through the support of the parent company, the Adelaide Football Club. We believe that E-Sports is a healthy, challenging and fun activity that can play a formative role in building life skills.

As part of our E-Sports program students are encouraged to demonstrate a balanced approach to gaming, team work and appropriate online behavior. 

Why E-Sports in High Schools?

  • Team building: E-Sports takes a huge amount of communication and co-ordination between team mates, which demands trust, and allows for a deeper level of interaction. These skills developed in-game prepare students for life.
  • Communication skills: The best E-Sports teams use effective communication to lead, support and deliver successful outcomes. 
  • E-Sports is a fast growing industry: E-Sports is a rapidly growing industry. There are many opportunities available in the industry outside of being a pro player, some of which include production, live streaming, team support, social media, and management. 
  • STEM opportunities: Many students who participate in E-Sports often take an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields. 
  • Pathways to university: Australian universities are starting to understand the importance and benefits of E-Sports within their establishments. In the near future, scholarships will be made available for students to consider. 

Tatachilla's teams include League of Legends and Rocket League. Students are involved in weekly games against other schools from across the state and around Australia. The teams also compete in the Live LAN event at Hybrid World Adelaide, competing against teams from across the country. 

Further Information

For further information about our E-Sports Program, please visit the Meta: eSports and Gaming website or contact Mrs Samantha Shores at the College.

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