ICT Agreement

The overall aim of Tatachilla Lutheran College is to provide a safe learning environment with an eSafe (electronically safe) culture which is in keeping with the values of the College. The objective of this Agreement is to ensure the safe and ethical use of ICT within the College community.

The College provides students with the opportunity to use ICT equipment/devices and gives them rights to use and access services on the College network. The College expects students to act responsibly as they would with all other College equipment and facilities. All students from Years R -12 have individual usernames on the College network.

The conditions outlined in this Agreement apply to the use of the electronic communication system at the College. Electronic communications include, but are not limited to, all Internet, intranet and email activities and related applications. The authorised users of the College’s electronic communication systems are required to comply with the Agreement.

Breaches of this Agreement can undermine the values of the College and the safety of the eLearning environment, especially when ICT is used to facilitate misconduct. Such a breach deemed by the College to be harmful to the safety of the College or its members may result in disciplinary action.

Please note that students are not able to commence using the College’s computer network, Internet access facilities, or other ICT equipment/devices as defined in the Acceptable Use Agreement which must be signed and returned to the College annually.

It is required that both the student and their parent(s)/ caregivers(s) agree to the ICT Acceptable Use Agreement before the student can access the College digital systems and internet resources.

Tatachilla Lutheran College publishes the ICT Acceptable Use Agreement in the student diary each year and we encourage families to discuss the requirements of the Agreement before both the child and the parent/caregiver sign.

Tatachilla Lutheran College will:

  • Accept no responsibility for loss or damage to, or for maintenance or repair required on a student’s own device through any act or omission resulting from the negligence or otherwise of the College, a member of the College staff or of another student.
  • Not facilitate the student’s access to any network or school services should a student’s device fail to meet a requirement of the Device Specification, The College may direct a student to cease bringing a device to school which does not meet all the requirements of the Device Specification.
  • Provide no insurance or hold liability for any damage to a device beyond what is required by law.
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