Middle and Senior School ICT Acceptable Use Agreement

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) facilities at Tatachilla Lutheran College reflect the College philosophies and strategic direction. All our resources are provided for the educational benefit of students. By providing opportunities in the use of technology for learning, students can foster skills where they develop life long learning capabilities as well as information literacy skills, become critical thinkers, problem solvers and collaborators, enabling all students to recognise and realise their full potential as part of a holistic approach to learning..
All use of the College’s computer technology including access Wi-Fi and online resources will be in keeping with the accepted philosophy and standards of the College as outlined in the vision and mission statement as well as the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia. 
Use of technology during lesson time will always be related to the College Curriculum to support student learning and not personal use. Any use of computers/technology will also align with the conditions within the Tatachilla Lutheran College – ICT Code of Practice and Tatachilla Lutheran College – ICT Use documents.

This policy relates to the acceptable use of any device used in any context within the College. 


Student Responsibilities


  • If inappropriate sites are accidentally accessed, they must be reported to the supervising teacher immediately, so that the site may be blocked.
  • Appropriate language must be used in all ICT related activities.
  • Downloading of programs, or any other files can only be done so under explicit permission from a staff member.
  • Printing and access to the Internet must be educationally based.
  • The onus is upon each student to ensure that their device is backed up regularly to Google Drive. Students may also back up to an external hard drive and/or a cloud environment if they wish to.
  • Technology is one of the many tools that students can access for learning at the College, along with other proven learning methodologies. Teachers will direct students in the appropriate use of technology.



  • All users of the college network (including internet) will log on to the network using a password and their assigned username.
  • Passwords are not to be disclosed or shared. Steps must be taken by the user to ensure the security of passwords are maintained.
  • Network users logging on to the Network/Internet using another person’s username and password other than their own, will be considered to have breached the terms of this policy.
  • Students are responsible for any action carried out by their username. They are responsible for maintaining the integrity of their username.
  • If students can identify a security problem they must notify a staff member and/or the ICT Services team immediately. (ictservices@tatachilla.sa.edu.au)
  • Students must not reveal their personal or any other person’s personal address or phone number. This includes social network sites or any internet communication, which brings the staff, students or the College into disrepute.
  • Illegal activities are strictly forbidden. A passing of any material in violation of any Australian or State regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to sharing any copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material or material protected by trade secret. As such, the College reserves the right to perform random spot checks on student devices/laptops.
  • Should any of the aforementioned breaches be discovered, students will be asked to return their device to the default settings, removing any inappropriate content and/por software and there may be further consequences. 


ICT Resource Care

  • Equipment faults for College-owned or 1:1 devices should be reported immediately to the ICT Services department (ictservices@tatachilla.sa.edu.au).
  • Students must not download unauthorised software from the Internet or bring it from home (such as music, movies and shareware).
  • Students must not use the network in any way that would disrupt network services for other users.
  • ICT equipment should be treated with care and respect at all times. Vandalism of equipment is not acceptable and appropriate consequences will apply. This could  include the cost of repair or replacement of an intentionally damaged item.


Internet Access and E-mail

The Internet is made available as an educational resource. It is a valuable learning tool for students allowing for collaboration in a safe and secure environment. Filtering and activity monitoring software is in place across the College network. All students participate in a digital citizenship program to learn about appropriate social and ethical behavior online. The College’s devices and/or a student's designated BYOD used at the College should not be used to:

  • Create ad-hoc/hotspot/peer to peer networks
  • Abuse, defame, harass or discriminate members of the College, the College itself or the wider community
  • Access, send or retrieve inappropriate, offensive, obscene material
  • Infringe copyright or other intellectual property rights of another person
  • Perform any unlawful or inappropriate acts
  • Access online games, chat lines or divulge personal information
  • Publicly criticise or harass others, use sarcasm and/or humour which can be misunderstood
  • Communicate using vulgarities, swear words, slang or any other language deemed inappropriate or offensive. Always use appropriate language.



As with any research, information and images accessed via the Internet, content must be appropriately acknowledged through use of referencing.

Students must at all times adhere to Commonwealth Copyright regulations.


No Warranties

  • The College makes no warranties of any kind for the computing services it is providing.
  • The College will not be responsible for any damages suffered. This includes loss of data resulting from computer viruses, delays, or non-deliveries or service interruptions caused by negligence, errors, omissions or consequences arising from inappropriate use of the Internet.
  • The College will not be responsible for the loss of student work.
  • Use of any information obtained via the College Network is at the user’s own risk.
  • The College reserves the right to amend or delete any part of this Agreement annually.
  • The College will not be liable for the deletion or loss of material which has been saved in a location other than a student’s Google Drive.


Agreement was last updated in July 2018.

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