Vocational Education and Training (VET)





Duration of the Course

Whole school year, commencing Term 1 of the year

SACE Credits

65 Credits (if assessed competent in all units)

Course Overview

AHC21016 Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management and AHC31416 Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management are designed to build students’ knowledge of natural ecosystems and native flora and fauna of South Australia.

The courses are designed to build students’ knowledge of native fauna in the wild and appropriate care of captive animals. Students gain skills in identifying and monitoring native flora and fauna, creating natural habitats, and understanding of the behaviour and physiology of animals as well as skills and processes involved in restoring and maintaining the natural landscapes.  Both qualifications will involve the development of considerable practical skills though working in the EcoClassroom. Students will also be involved in local community revegetation projects and captive animal management systems with local fauna sanctuaries. Student will also gain a comprehensive understanding of environmental practices that are of value to all citizens through participation in either of these courses. Students have the option of understanding either course. Both qualifications will be delivered from the EcoClassroom one day a week.


In line with the Australian Qualifications Training Framework (AQFT), assessment will be competency based. Students will need to be able to demonstrate they are competent in, and have underpinning knowledge of the skills they are taught.

While most assessments occur in class, there will be some theoretical assignments.


Successful completion of individual certificates may provide students with employment opportunities within the captive animal care attendant and wildlife animal carer as well as in the fields of conservation and land management and/or agriculture and horticulture.

Completion also provides theoretical and practical evidence for students wishing to pursue further study through TAFE or university study.

Trainer: Karen Lawrence

Career Development and Vet Coordinator: Ms Linda Wright



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Year 10 - AHC21016 Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management and AHC31416 Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management
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