Students at Tatachilla Lutheran College are able to study flexible learning options that allow them to gain credit for their SACE certificate and pursue areas of passion, strength and possible future careers. These opportunities can include:

  • Community Learning – Self-directed or Community developed programs
  • Vocational and Educational Training
  • Community Studies
  • Accelerated courses
  • Open Access
  • University Studies

Community Learning – 10 or 20 SACE Credits

Flexible Learning Costs to Consider for 2020

Some courses offered for study at Tatachilla Lutheran College incur additional costs.

These costs are applied at the beginning of the academic year for subjects commencing in Semester 1 and at the conclusion of Term 2 for subjects commencing in Semester 2.

Please see below for courses and costs that are associated with them.

Vocational and Educational Training Courses offered offsite

The College will make a contribution of 50% up to a maximum of $500 per semester per course. This contribution will be made for a maximum of two VET courses per student.

Vocational and Educational Training Courses offered onsite

Certificate I Costs

The Certificate I Course Doorways to Construction offered to Year 10 and 11 students accrues an additional cost of $300 and includes a set of tools, materials and a high visibility shirt that students are able to retain after the completion of the course.

Certificate II Costs

AHC21016 Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management and the Certificate II Course in Creative Industries incurs an additional cost of $250 for the year.

Certificate III Costs

Certificates III in Captive Animals, Fitness, and Christian Ministry and Theology offered to students incur an additional cost of $400 for the year.

For further information regarding VET fees, please contact Ms Tonia Folino at the College.


Year 9 Advanced Athlete Development Program

The Advanced Athlete Development Program is offered to Year 9 students and incurs a cost of $150 for one semester or $250 for the year.  

For further information please contact Mr Ben Woodhouse at the College.

Year 10 Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is offered to Year 10 students and incurs a cost of $200 per semester. 

For further information please contact Mr Ben Woodhouse at the College.

Stage 1 Integrated Learning

Stage 1 Integrated Learning is offered to Year 10 students and incurs a charge of $150 to cover the cost of training to become a qualified soccer referee.

For further information regarding Integrated Learning costs, please contact Mr Darren Vile at the College.

Stage 2 Physical Education 

Stage 2 Physical Education costs $300 for the year and includes the cost of the camp.

For further information regarding costs for PE, please contact Mr Ben Woodhouse at the College.

Open Access Courses

There is an additional fee incurred for the study of Open Access courses. This cost can be obtained from Ms Deadra Peak or Mrs Margaret Naylor. Please note that if a student makes a commitment to complete an Open Access course and then withdraws from the subject without the required notice by the due date, the cost of the course will be charged to parents or caregivers. The dates for advice of withdrawal from Open Access are Week 2 Term 1 for Semester 1 and Week 10 Term 2 for study in Semester 2.
For further information regarding Open Access courses, please contact Ms Deadra Peak at the College.

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