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Tatachilla Lutheran College’s Middle School students, Seek Fresh Horizons through the three areas of: Teaching and Learning, Service Learning and Wellbeing. Concepts, capabilities, and skills will be intentionally and explicitly taught across the curriculum and the extra-curricular and co-curricular opportunities offered. 

Our aim for each of our students at each year level include:

  • Year 7: I know more about myself and I grow through challenge.
  • Year 8: I take positive risks to go beyond and try new things.
  • Year 9: Here I find my passion and emerging pathway.

In each of the middle years, we explicitly teach inter-disciplinary and intra-disciplinary concepts, capabilities, and skills that challenge each student and encourage our young people to improve their knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world. Each teacher will give students the opportunity to seek experiences beyond themselves and the classroom, enabling our young people to develop their personalised pathways. We encourage students to be proud and responsible for their learning goals and growth. We believe that students learn in different ways and through a variety of modes to demonstrate their learning and access information during assessment tasks.

A distinctive feature of the Middle School curriculum is the project-based learning opportunities that students will explore through Year 7 and 8 in the Arts, Technologies, and Student Agency Projects (SAP Projects); where they will explore their passions and strengths. This experience leads into the elective program in Year 9 where students can make decisions about the learning areas they study within the Arts, Technologies, and Languages. Year 9 students will also engage in our unique Student Agency Project (SAP Project) based on the concept of innovation.

We actively encourage parent engagement in their child’s learning and personal journey and believe all students should feel supported and celebrated to pursue their identifiable God-given talents and goals throughout each year of their middle years journey.

It is a privilege to help our young people to grow in understanding their passions, strengths, and capabilities to help prepare them for their future; and the curriculum offerings in the middle years is the beginning of this enriching pathway.

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