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The middle years becomes an exciting time in Years 8 and 9 because our students begin to make decisions about the learning areas that they can study within the curriculum. The Year 8 and 9 elective program offers many experiences for our students to pursue their area of strengths and passions.

We are delighted to be able to begin planning the future and the emerging pathway of your young person within the elective program in Years 8 and 9. We do encourage students to keep their minds and options open to all of the electives on offer and see these two years as an opportunity to experience the many learning areas that are provided.

This guide has been formed to give parents and students the structure of the curriculum in Years 8 and 9, information about courses that are offered and the subject preference processes.

Tatachilla is a school that helps young people grow in the understanding of themselves as learners, and helps to prepare them for where they want to go in the their future, and the elective program in the middle years is the beginning of creating an enriching pathway at Tatachilla.

Subject Preference Processes

After the Subject Information Evening in Term 2, the following steps will need to occur for your child:

  1. You will need to make the time to sit down and talk with your son or daughter about the subjects they would like to experience and why they want to do these subjects.
  2. Please ensure you fill in the Draft Subject Preference form and enter preferences online with your young person, ensuring 5 to 6 preferences are recorded.
  3. Click on the 'Select My Subjects' link at the bottom of the draft Subject Preferences to access Edval to complete your subject selection.
  4. Print out your subject selections from Edval. Both parent/s and students should sign the completed form and return it to their Home Class teacher.
  5. If you or your child has any questions about the subject preference process, please speak to the Home Class Teacher, Year Level Coordinator, Assistant Head of Middle School: Teaching and Learning, or Head of Middle School.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my young person need to study an art form or technology subject in Year 8 and 9?

According to the State Government guidelines, students are expected to study an art form and technology subject until the end of Year 8. Therefore, students need to select at least two art forms or technology subjects in Year 8.

Is Japanese compulsory in Year 8?

Yes, Japanese is a compulsory subject in Year 8. It becomes an elective in Year 9.

Does my young person need to study Music for two semesters in Year 8 and 9?

Students who select Music are encouraged to study Music for two semesters in Year 8 and 9, as the continual skill development is encouraged through the consistent study of this subject. However, students can choose Music for one semester and the first semester is preferable.

Is it compulsory for my young person to study an instrument to do Music in Year 8 or 9?

It is strongly recommended that students receive individual tuition on a musical instrument; this can be instrumental or voice. The one on one tutoring and guidance that students receive through individual tuition enhances the skill development and growth for the child. If a student is receiving individual tuition we also encourage them to be involved in a Music Ensemble within the College, where they receive further guidance in a group context, as we do for all Music students.

Does my young person need to study Japanese for two semesters in Year 9?

Yes, students who select Japanese are required to study Japanese for two semesters in Year 9, as the teaching and learning process in Japanese is similar to Mathematics where students learn best with the opportunity to revisit concepts on a continual basis. We do see greater results for students in the Senior School Japanese program when they have been involved in a year long program of Japanese in Year 9.

Are there any prerequisites for students to choose electives from the Middle to the Senior School?

The only two subjects that have prerequisites for students to choose certain electives in the Senior School are Music and Japanese. If students have not elected these subjects in Year 9 and wish to take them up again in Year 10 or Year 11, then the relevant subject teacher would work with the student and family to assess how we possibly could accommodate their transition back into this subject.

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