Information for Parents and Caregivers

When visiting the College campus for any reason other than dropping off or picking up a child, parents and caregivers must sign in to the College's visitor register, and sign out when leaving.

The College requires that parents and caregivers are signed in for health and safety purposes, particularly in the event of an evacuation.

You can sign in at any of the following locations:

  • Main Reception
  • Library
  • Junior School Office
  • Middle & Senior Schools Office

Information for Visitors, Volunteers and Contractors

Visitors, Contractors, Temporary Relief Teachers, Pre-Service Teachers and Volunteers must sign in whenever on campus. This is a Workplace Health and Safety requirement.

Unless you have a name badge issued by the College, you must also at all times clearly display your visitor's badge whilst on campus. If your visitor's badge is not clearly visible College staff may ask you to identify yourself or ask that you visit a sign-in point to get a visitor's pass.


Signing in using the Sine app

Regular visitors are encouraged to download the Sine app to sign in and out easily. You can download the Sine app for iOS and Android here:
Get it on the App Store Get it on Google Play

The Sine app allows regular visitors to sign in to the College easily, and automatically prints you a visitor's pass for collection from Main Reception. The app also automatically signs you out of the College visitors register when you leave the campus (provided you have turned location services for the app on).


Signing in without using the Sine app

If you are not using the Sine app, you must go to one of the following locations to sign in:

  • Main Reception
  • Library
  • Junior School Office
  • Middle and Senior Schools Office

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