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Performing Arts

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2014 Dance Showcase

Tuesday 9th September

 2014 Dance Showcase Poster.pdf

Student Involvement

All students are encouraged to be involved in the Performing Arts – Music, Drama and Dance.

As well as class-based singing and performances, students are offered many other opportunities to perform at their level of expertise, including:

Chamber Orchestra, Chapel Bands, Choirs & Vocal groups, Community Orchestra, Concert Bands, Drum Corp, Music Percussion Ensembles, Performance Evenings, Stage Band, String Ensembles, Taiko Drumming, and various instrumental groups.

Major Productions

Tatachilla offers a variety of extra-curricular performance opportunities including:

  • College Musical (odd years)
  • Junior School Musical (even years)
  • Dance-based Production (even years) (e.g. Rock Eisteddfod)
  • Junior Dance-based Production (odd years) (e.g. Wakakirri)
  • Performing Arts Showcase (Term 3)

Instrumental Music Tuition

Instrumental and vocal music tuition is available to all students at TLC individually or in small groups.
Students in Years 9-12 who are taking Music as a subject must be having regular lessons on their main instrument.

The lessons usually take place on a half-hour rotation basis during the school day, so that students do not miss the same
class each week. The onus is on the student to catch up any missed work. Where possible Year 11 and 12 students are
scheduled so as to minimise the amount of regular lesson time they miss.

The instrumental teachers notify students of their lesson time and they are expected to attend at the appointed time. If a
student fails to attend a scheduled lesson through forgetfulness or disorganisation, that lesson is forfeited.
If a student is unable to attend a particular lesson for any reason whatever, the student or parent should contact the
instrument teacher. He or she will endeavour to arrange an alternative time, but no guarantee of this can be given.
If there is a clash with an official school excursion or event, the student should discuss this with the instrumental teacher
at least one week in advance. In this case the teacher will either attempt to arrange an alternative time or subtract the
fee from the next term’s account.

It is assumed that all students who enrol for instrumental tuition will undertake a full year’s tuition. Teachers are contracted on
this basis. If it is necessary for a student to be withdrawn from lessons, this should take place at the end of a given term and
by written notification from the parents prior to the end of that term, otherwise an additional term’s fees may be charged.

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