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Uniform Shop Hours

Monday      8:20am - 12:00pm
Tuesday    8:20am - 12:00pm
Thursday   8:20am - 4:00pm



The uniform shop is open on the following days & times:

Monday & Tuesday      8.20am - 12.00pm
Thursday                       8.20am - 4.00pm


To view a more detailed list of uniform requirements and price guide available please click on the links below.

 TLC Uniform Guidelines
 TLC Uniform Price Guide


Tatachilla Lutheran College has a school uniform and a sports Uniform and students are expected to have all of the required items of both these uniforms as listed.
It is an expectation of the College that students take pride in their personal appearance by wearing their uniform neatly and correctly at all times. That is, from the time that they leave home in the
morning until they return in the afternoon.
The uniform shirt and blouse are to be tucked in and correctly buttoned. When wearing the College tie the top button must be fastened and the tie knot should be neatly against the collar.

Physical Education
Years 7-12
Students change into their sports uniform prior to their lessons and are given time at the conclusion of the lessons to change back into their normal uniform.
Years R-6
Students will have more specialised and vigorous PE lessons two days each week. When the day for each class is known Junior School students are to wear their PE uniform to school for those days every week.
Daily fitness sessions will take place each day wearing normal school uniform.

Jewellery and Make-up
Make-up is not to be worn at school in Years R-9.
Limited makeup in the form of foundation can be worn in the Senior School.
No eye make-up and nail polish is allowed.
A simple plain gold or silver stud or sleeper may be worn in the lower part of the ear lobe. A plain light chain with a small cross may be worn around the neck.
No other jewellery or friendship bands are permitted, except a simple watch and/or medic alert identification.

The general expectation in regard to hairstyles for both girls and boys is that they will be neat, clean and tidy (as determined by the school) and not extreme or designed to draw attention to the student.
The following guidelines have been determined to implement this general expectation, yet give students some freedom in regard to their preferred hairstyle. Any students considering changing
their hairstyle or hair colour and are doubtful as to how it would be accepted at College, should first seek approval from the appropriate Head of School.
In the interests of safety and in order to facilitate good classroom practice:

  1. No student (boy or girl) should have hair hanging over their eyes or their face at any time. Hair should be secured off the face without requiring handling and therefore students with long hair must have it tied back while at school.
  2. Only white, black, grey or red ribbons, combs or College issued hair garments may be worn in the hair.
  3. For a short all-over cut or undercut the minimum acceptable length is that of a number Three (3) cut.
  4. Hair colour is not to be changed so that it is noticeably different from the natural colour.
  5. Male students are to be clean-shaven.

Uniform items (with the exception of shoes) will only be available through the College.