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Canteen Manager

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Contact our Canteen manager Therese McCracken  for further information 


The Canteen at TLC is open every school day for R-12 students for recess and lunch times. Students from Years 3-5 are served at recess and lunchtime from the primary window on the driveway side of the Canteen and Years 6-12 from the main window.
Students in Years R-6 order their lunches through lunchboxes provided in their classrooms. These lunches are distributed in their classrooms under the supervision of their classroom teachers.

Students in Years R-2 are not permitted to purchase directly at the Canteen at recess or lunch times but recess orders can be made by parents to be placed in the lunchbox on a seperate bag clearly marked Recess. The Recess box will then be collected and distributed by a Junior Primary staff member in the Junior Primary area.
Students in Years 7-12 have the opportunity to order their lunch at the Canteen before school or during recess time. Lunch order bags are provided at the Canteen and should be posted through the Lunch Order Chute before the end of recess. Any lunch orders made after this time should be handed to the Canteen Staff.

The Canteen Menu gives students the opportunity to eat healthily at the College but also has some occasional foods included. The Canteen does not sell soft drinks or chocolate bars but does have a variety of drinks, counter food and ice creams available. Please check the menu and help your child to choose wisely.
If your child has special dietary needs you can supply the Canteen with his/her food to be placed in with the lunch orders. This needs to be arranged with the Canteen Manager.

The Canteen is staffed by the Manager and two assistants. Volunteer help is always appreciated and most needed on Mondays from 8:45am - 9:30am and Fridays 10:45am to 1:30pm. Notices for this go out to parents and caregivers at the beginning of the year so rosters can be made.


To view the 2015 Canteen Menu please click on the link below:

 TLC Canteen Menu (February 2015).pdf