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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is integral to the daily life of Tatachilla Lutheran College. It is not a specific program but an attitude and approach which permeates everything we do at TLC. It is a concern for the spiritual, physical, social, intellectual and emotional health and well-being of all persons in the College. It is based on the Christian values which underpin this College derived directly from the Bible, our College motto and mission statement. It aims to draw individuals closer to Christ in the context of a Christian community.
Authentic Pastoral Care involves establishing and maintaining boundaries, learning from our mistakes, empathy, care, concern and compassion for others, love and forgiveness. It includes activities in home class, house, social interaction, student government, curriculum, methodology, behaviour management, co and extra-curricular activities and College leadership and management. It is intrinsic to the culture and climate of the College. Pastoral Care is People Care following the example of Jesus, our Leader.

Junior School

In the Junior School it is our aim, to nurture resilient individuals who are able not simply to survive, but to thrive.

The social skills program, You Can Do It is used across the Junior School, with the themes of Confidence, Getting Along, Organisation and Persistence. The first week of the school year is spent introducing this program and involving the students in formulating and clarifying the expectations of the classroom and the school community.

The Year 5 students receive Peer Mediation training and choose whether they wish to act in this capacity at lunchtimes.

Individual counseling is available through one of the Junior School staff members, the Head of Junior School or the College Counsellor.

Middle School

At the heart of Pastoral Care in the Middle School is the role of the Home Class teacher. The Home Class teacher has an integral role in ensuring the social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs of the young person are being cared for.

If parents have any concerns about their child’s development the first point of contact should be with the Home Class teacher and/or the subject teacher. Together with the Year Level Coordinator, the Home Class teacher will determine the level of support required for the student.

A referral may be necessary to the Counsellor, Learning Support Coordinator, School Pastor, Middle School Senior Leader or Head of School, depending on the issue/concern. Together we work towards supporting the wellbeing of our students.

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