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What is the 1:1 Laptop Program?

Today’s students think, connect and communicate differently from those who were at school even a few years ago. They live in an on-demand, technology-dependent world; they expect answers instantly and they know how to get them, to share them and enjoy what they learn. To inspire and engage this new generation of learners, governments, educators and experts are investing in the exciting opportunities of 1-to-1 learning. They have recognised that schools can either capitalise on young people’s affinity for technology and prepare them for an increasingly technology-driven world – or struggle to engage them as technology advances.

The Federal Government, through the Digital Education Revolution (DER), has committed to providing resources to better equip students from 8-12 with individual access to computers. The vision of the laptop program at Tatachilla Lutheran College is to connect teachers and students with a systematic and comprehensive use of technology combined with a rigorous and relevant curriculum. Laptop computers serve as the catalyst in the transition from traditional learning to a student-centered, problem-solving, project-driven approach that will prepare students well for the challenges that lie ahead in their working lives. Excellence in education as we enter the twenty-first century presupposes that technology is seamlessly integrated throughout the program. Successful integration of technology into the curriculum depends on student access to technology, ongoing staff training, and a strong infrastructure. Laptops enable learning to go beyond the school walls and provide access to worldwide resources. This anytime, anywhere access to the Internet, research and data collection devices, presentation software, sounds, and graphics makes the laptop one of the most powerful tools available in education.

What is the cost of participation?

While the Federal Government provided the seeding money to assist with the implementation phase, parents of Year 8-12 students will be asked to contribute to the sustainability of the program through the form of a levy. The levy entitles the student 24/7 access and ownership on leaving the College. The levy is set at $300 per annum for Years 8-11 and $400 per annum for Year 12. 

This guarantees the student 24/7 access, all licensing and software costs (as listed in machine description), insurance* and servicing for the four years the student attends the College. Students who leave the College before the end of the four/five years are able to negotiate a  fee to exit with the laptop, or alternatively the laptop is returned to the College.

What type of laptop does my chid receive?

In keeping with the current infrastructure at the College, the laptop that has been identified for the program is the 13-inch MacBook Pro™. This is a dual platform machine that is able to operate either Macintosh or Windows software. The specifications are listed below:

MacBook Pro™ 13-inch White
2.26Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
250GB Hard Drive
2GB Memory
8x Double Layer SD
Windows License
Protective cover
3yr Warranty

In addition to the above, a new battery is included after the first two years of the program as required, along with a fully maintained service agreement. Typically, a battery has a life of 7-9 hours and approximately 600 charges before it becomes less effective. Students will be expected to charge their own laptops each night, as no provision for re-charging will be made on-site.