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Caring for your laptop

The following advice is provided for students to ensure the laptop and associated equipment is maintained for the duration of the program.

Packing away your Laptop

  •  Always store your Laptop bottom down and with the LCD facing away from the front of the bag
  • Do not wrap the cord too tightly around the power adapter or the cord will become damaged
  • Avoid moving your Laptop around when it is on. Before switching on, gently place your Laptop on a stable surface and then switch on
  • Always place the Laptop gently down.
  • Be careful when putting the Laptop in the car that no other items are on top of it and nothing will roll onto the laptop.
  • Laptops should be switched off before being placed into the protective cover.

Operating conditions

Please don’t place objects on top of your Laptop and never carry it around while it is turned on as this will damage the hard drive.
Avoid exposing your Laptop to:

  • Direct sunlight or sources of heat such as desk lamps
  • Dust, dirt, rain, liquids or moisture
  • Heavy shock or vibration

LCD Screen

LCD screens are delicate – they don’t like being poked, prodded, pushed or slammed. Never pick up your Laptop by its screen. Don’t slam the screen closed and always be gentle when putting your Laptop down.

To clean your LCD screen:

  •  Switch off your Laptop.
  •  Lightly dampen a non-abrasive cloth with water and gently wipe screen in a circular motion.
  • Do not directly apply water or cleaner to the screen.
  • Avoid applying pressure to the screen.

AC Adapter

  • Connect your adapter only to your Laptop.
  • Keep your cord away from heavy traffic areas.
  • When unplugging the power cord, pull on the plug itself, rather than the cord.
  • Do not wrap your cord tightly around the adapter box.
  • Be aware of the power savings that come from running your laptop effectively from battery after being fully charged. This can amount to a significant amount per year.


  • Gently brush your keyboard with a clean soft bristled paint brush or similar to remove dirt
  • If any key tops are missing or are in a damaged state, take your Laptop to ICT department to be repaired immediately. A single key top can easily be replaced but continuing to use the keyboard with a missing key top can result in having to replace the entire keyboard.

Case Cleaning

  • Take a non-abrasive cloth
  • Spray Windex or like cleaner on to cloth to moisten, do not spray the Laptop directly
  • Gently rub your Laptop casing with the moistened cloth to remove any dirty marks